A Weekend In... New York

Oh hey there... Long time, no see! It's been - as always - far more manic than anticipated and thus the time (and the motivation if I'm being truly honest) for blogging has been minimal. But here we are, a brand new post - and an exciting one at that! Back in October, my friend Jess and I spontaneously decided that we should go to New York one weekend in November, and it just so happened that we planned our trip for Thanksgiving weekend (which was actually more of a blessing than I thought). I've been to New York before but Jess was a 'Big Apple' virgin, so I was excited to show her some of my favourite places but also to try new things that I hadn't managed to fit in when I went with my family back in 2015. Here's a rundown of what we got up to during our 3.5 days in NYC and what I'd definitely recommend you doing and what you could skip if you're limited on time...

Food and Drink
There are few dotted all over the city, but the one by the flat iron building was utterly incredible. There are sit down restaurants, including one where I had some of the best lasagna I've ever had, as well as more of a delicatessen idea. I managed to pick up some of the make your own cannoli which was to die for, too!
Sarabeth's Central Park South
If you want brunch in NYC, this is a classic! Fairly pricey, but totally worth it for the atmosphere and food - absolutely delicious.

Bagels from La Bagel Delight at Court St
Bagels are a classic, and this place was tucked around the corner from the transit museum so we gave it a try! It was pretty affordable and the bagels were SO good.
$1 Pizza from Two Bros Pizza 
I don't think I'll ever go to New York and not get this! Some of the best, cheap pizza you'll ever have - maybe it's the fact it's $1 but I love it.

By Chloe
My friend Jess is veggie so we tried to find a couple of places that were suitable and we got recommended By Chloe by our AirBnb host. I didn't end up getting much, but their cinnamon lemonade was yummy and Jess said that their vegan Mac n cheese was also great!

Ellen's Stardust Diner
 A classic that I didn't manage to get to last time we were here... I dragged Jess to the diner where musical songs are sung basically constantly and I loved it! The line wasn't too bad, although I think if you're a bigger party then you could expect a much longer wait... the atmosphere was super fun, although the food isn't amazing.

Streets BK (Brooklyn)
This is the hidden gem from my trip this time and I will ALWAYS recommend this to people from now on - some of the best "street" style food served in a sit down restaurant. We stumbled across this randomly having walked over the Williamsburg bridge and I'm so glad we did!

Chelsea Market 

Another place for a more upmarket food court, filled with not only food and drink but flowers, home decor etc. It's definitely worth a visit, and my soup from Hale and Hearty Soups was also scrumptious.

Capizzi is one of the restaurants I went to with my family back in 2015 and whilst I didn't manage to go again this time, it'll always be on my recommendations list as the italian food was so authentic and delicious!

Empire State 
Having now done the Rockerfeller and Empire State, I'd say don't go up the Empire State, but admire the architecture from ground level as it is a wonderful building!

Rockerfeller - Top of the Rock, Christmas Tree and the NBC store
Top of the Rock for me was better than the Empire State, but maybe that's because you get the latter in your photos from the Rockerfeller! We also managed to see the Christmas tree (although it hadn't been lit by then BOO) and visited the NBC store which was pretty fun, too!

One World Trade Centre and Ground Zero
I headed here back in 2015 and it's certainly something to be seen if you have time. We unfortunately didn't manage to visit on my most recent trip, but it definitely is sobering and makes you appreciate everything that you have. 

 Times Square
You can't go to New York and not visit Times Square! A necessity through and through, hands down.

Lego shop by the Flat Iron
Purely because the amount of Lego on sale will shock you!

Nintendo Shop
Another fun one, but it has everything you never knew you needed, including this huge Mario sculpture!

Central Park
Again, an absolute must do on my list would be central park. I can tell you it's beautiful in both summer and autumn/winter!

The Big Piano from FAO Swartz - now at Macy's at Herald Square
This is something for the big kids as well as the young ones (my Dad certainly loved it back in 2015!). It's now been moved as FAO Swartz has unfortunately closed, but at least they managed to save this!

Grand Central Station
Relive that iconic Gossip Girl scene, or just appreciate the beauty that is the station building, it's got to be done!

Things to do
Staten Island Ferry 
A cheap (it's free!), easy way to get a good NYC skyline shot as well as seeing the statue of liberty. I wouldn't say it's worth staying on Staten Island, so you can always do what me and Jess did and make a run for the direct return ferry back to Manhattan!

I'm a HUGE musical fan, so I had to go and see something whilst I was there again. I ended up seeing Charlie and the Chocolate factory as I've been wanting to see it for ages, especially ever since it came to the West End, too. It certainly lived up to my expectations! Key tip would be look for rush tickets, either online or from the box office. TKTS is also a good alternative, but I think they can still be pretty pricey!

Transit Museum
I was dragged to this by Jess (she's obsessed with trains), but I was actually pleasantly surprised by this museum. It's pretty interesting seeing how New York developed and dealt with crises - it's great for children, too!

 Roosevelt Island Tramway
We ended up doing this at sunset, which was actually pretty lovely. Although I wouldn't say this was a crucial thing to do, especially if it's your first time in NYC, it was still a great view of the city and can give you some funky blurred, night sky shots!

Fifth Avenue 
If you're a shopper like me, you can't not head to fifth avenue, even if it's just to admire everything you can't afford!

The High Line
This was my number one priority to do this time round as we hadn't managed to squeeze it in last time I was there with my family. It was so pretty as we did this into dusk and sunset so gave us good lighting for photos and wonderful views of the grid system that gives NYC some of it's charm! Would highly recommend doing this to anyone.



Things still on my list to do:
Levain Bakery
 Le Bain 
Cliff Dogs and The PDT (the hidden cocktail bar is hidden in the phone box)
Death & co.
The blind barber.
The Blue Box cafe at Tiffany's

David Burke restaurant at Bloomingdales
30 Fifth rooftop bar  

These are all things that I had recommended to me by friends and family and I'll definitely be trying to do next time I'm in the Big Apple!

As you can see, you can get a fair amount done in New York, even if you're only there for a few days! If you have any of your own recommendations, feel free to comment them below, too. I hope that this post helps anyone heading to NYC soon - I plan on doing a few more of this kind of post, so keep your eyes peeled! Hope you have a great week...
Becky xx 


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