Year Abroad in Photos #3: 25th September - 8th October

The thing I've learnt about Toronto is that there's always weird and wonderful events going on, and my 5th and 6th weeks here were no different - I managed to get up to a lot of exciting things, so sit back and enjoy browsing through some of my highlights!

Of course, one of the most exciting things for me is to have such great access to shops and a trip to MAC just before my Birthday was a necessity! I lost my Creme in Your Coffee lipstick (RIP) and so ended up grabbing myself a replacement as a gift to myself (#treatyoself!).
I headed to Orchid nightclub with the Lions International Club on a social, but not before I took a photo of the CN tower (which I'm still obsessed with!) because it's just incredible, especially when it's lit up at night!
Jess and I headed out to Nuit Blanche - an overnight art exhibition where a lot of art galleries, as well as different areas around the city, had unique and special piece on show. There were a few interactive exhibits, too - we got to screen print our own piece of art. Whilst it was freezing that night, I still had a fun night, although I'm not sure if it was a little over hyped!

Poutine is still my favourite thing about Canadian food, and I ended up trying the butter chicken poutine from Smoke's. I have to admit, if you're looking for Poutine, Smoke's isn't my favourite, but it does have a lot of variety and unique toppings...

We headed to Thanksgiving High Table (a semi formal dinner at Trinity college) where I got to experience Pumpkin Pie - safe to say, I now know what all the fuss is about!!

I was also lucky enough to be invited to Robyn's family's thanksgiving celebration, which was incredible! We ate a LOT and I was so thankful (pun intended) to have such an amazing first thanksgiving!
This was my first burger in Canada (5 weeks in!!) and it was so good, even though it was only from a cafe on Campus! Apparently they're renowned, though.

Robyn (my flatmate) turned 19 on the 1st of October and I turned 21 on the 10th so we had a small gathering at ours and then, because Robyn was finally legal, we headed out clubbing to Cake - which is now one of our favourite clubs in the city!

The autumnal leaves started appearing at the end of September, even though it was still extremely warm through to the end of October!
Just to prove to my Mum that I am doing work, here's a photo of me revising for my first Midterm of the semester... the way of assessing and working is different here, but I do think I prefer it to the UK!
I headed to a Thai restaurant on Bloor St with some of the other exchange students and it was SO good...

There was a Mac 'n' Cheese tasting showdown to find out who made the best in the city - my vote definitely went to James Piggott as he made his into a Lasagne like dish which was incredible!

Suits was being filmed on campus so of course I managed to get a cheeky picture - this is Louis Litt IRL!!
Fugo Desserts on Dundas St West do amazing ice cream and I finally got round to trying it for myself!
The Invictus Games were held in Toronto this year, and whilst I wasn't able to spot Harry or Meghan Markle, I still managed to see GB take home the Bronze and Gold for the Wheelchair Tennis. It was such a great atmosphere and there were a few famous faces that I manage to see around the area!

As you can see, I got up to a fair amount again during these two weeks and whilst I'm being really awful at uploading these posts, I'm really glad that I've decided to document my time here like this. Writing these posts reminds me how much I've managed to do so far, but also makes me incredibly scared about how quickly the time is going! Only 4 weeks until I fly home for Christmas, which means I'm well over a third of the way through my year abroad - crazy! Hope you enjoyed scrolling through and seeing what I was getting up to about a month and a half ago (oops!)... Have a good weekend, I'm off to NYC tomorrow!
Becky xx


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