Year Abroad in Photos #2: 11th September - 24th September

Having said that I was going to post my photos weekly on here, I did far worse than last time and it's been far too long since my last post! Since I've got so many photos, I've decided to upload in blocks of 2 weeks but I'm going to upload weeks 5 and 6 this week, too. With the temperature finally cooling off, it feels like Fall Autumn (I'm still British!) is finally arriving, but here's a little throwback to my third and fourth week in Canada when the weather made it feel like 40 degrees!
We went Kayaking from Etobicoke to Lake Ontario (a solid 50 minutes each way which was an amazing arm workout!). Ever since my friends went to Canada back in 2014 and went canoeing and kayaking through the Canadian lakes, it's been on my bucket list... and this did not disappoint! So many photo opportunities...

We got stuck in a tree...

 From one touristy thing, to the next! I managed to go and see the final home game of the season for the Blue Jays and fell in love with Baseball... it's such a chill game to watch but can still get super exciting!

 I finally got around to decorating my wall with photos that remind me of home or just some of my favourite memories to date!

 I'm still, as always, obsessed with the aesthetics of the city and university campus... just show me street art, good architecture and tram lines and I'll be taking a snap!

There are random but equally stunning ravines in the middle of the city, including this one is Park Drive Reservation Trail!

Toronto has some amazing restaurants that I've tried so far, but of course I had to try the KD Mac n Cheese, Smoke's Poutinerie, a Nanaimo bar as well as Dairy Queen!

I found "British style" beans but I'm still yet to discover what any other style is like!

Having helped out at a local soup kitchen with the Lions International Volunteering club, we headed to a restaurant in Chinatown called Stay and I got this weird, but delicious, Smore's toast ensemble!

Jess and I ended up trying a couple of places to eat in that fortnight, including this Indian from Banjara Indian Cuisine and Pizza from Trattoria Taverniti - both of which were super yummy.
 Just round the corner from our house, Robyn (one of my flat mates), some of her friends and I headed to a Mexican called Margaritas, which did in fact, do some of the best Margaritas I've ever tried!

My friend from School Jen came and visited Toronto on her way back to the UK from Montreal and we had a lovely weekend spedning time to catch up on the past 2.5 years, including finding these random cow statues and eating chocolate dipped ice cream by the waterfront.

 The CIE held a BBQ for exchange and international students which was super lovely in the hot weather and I met so many more lovely people from even more places around the globe!

 There was a jazz festival in Kensington Market which was a sensory overload, but the area is becoming one of my favourites in Toronto!

 The Alcohol buying situation is still bizarre to me - you have to go to an LCBO (a government regulated specific shop just for alcohol!) and you can't just pop into your local shop for a bottle of wine! We found some pretty huge bottles, including these 2L ones, for extremely cheap, though!

 I've been working hard to help start the new Ballroom and Latin Club at the University of Toronto! Feel free to follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@uoft_ballroomandlatin)... shameless plug!
 We headed to Value Village, where I found some $10 Levi Jeans that I've worn non-stop, but also this garish Reese's T-shirt (I didn't buy it!).
Jess and I had a wild time with this trolley escalator!
 I still can't get over my Fenty Beauty purchases (as well as the fact I finally got my hands on the Kat von D Lolita!) and therefore I've worn it every time I've been out, including to a party bag in September where apparently browns and rusty colours were my thing! For a more detailed Fenty Beauty review, click here for my previous post.
 Having been to a super inspiring meeting yesterday run by @herempirecollective, I'm hoping my blogging motivation will make a stark return after nearly a year and a bit of irregular posting! We'll see how that goes, though... as always, these aren't edited so aren't meant to reflect my best photography (have you seen the Mac n Cheese photo?!) but I hope you enjoy having a small insight into what I'm getting up to! I hope you have a great week...
Becky xx


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