Year Abroad in Pictures #1: 29th August - 10th September

I've been in Toronto for nearly two weeks, but only started UofT last Thursday, however it's safe to say I've done a fair amount here already! I love reading people's "My week in photos" blog posts, so I thought I'd try and do something similar to help me document my year abroad and so that I don't forget what I've done and where I've been... plus I'm one of those annoying people that takes photos of literally EVERYTHING! I'm going to try and do this once a week, but I've only just got round to doing this (as you can imagine it's a little hectic) - here's my time in Canada so far, shown through my iPhone lens!

 We flew via JFK in New York, and I managed to get some pretty good photos flying from NYC to Toronto! Immigration in the US and Canada was LONG but we finally got to the hotel about 8.30 in Toronto - I slept after about 22 hours awake!!

 I went and set up my RBC bank account the second day we were here, and I ended up going to their main branch, which was a pretty impressive building!

We then spent the next few days sightseeing and being ultra touristy... I have so many photos of architecture, but the city really does remind of New York crossed with San Francisco!

 We went shopping in the Eaton Center (a shopping mall Downtown) and I ended up on the electronic sign, so naturally I had to take a snap!

 Our hotel (one king st west, which was lovely!) had old bank vaults underneath it and some films such as Red had been filmed there!
 Ice Wine tasting in Niagara on the Lake - it's super sweet but delicious!

 Obligatory selfie of me looking like an utter idiot in the rain coat for the Niagara boat cruise!

 Niagara falls was stunning, although I never realised it was a cross between Blackpool and mini Las Vegas with the strip and casinos!

 As well as sightseeing, we also ended up decorating and furnishing my room for the year - a massive shout out to Duncan and my parents for all their help making it feel homely!

We had a really good meal at Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill at Yonge and Front, which also had this super cool interior!

 I never realised Tim Horton was an Toronto ice hockey player until after we went to the hall of fame (plus there's a coffee shop opening just across from the HOF soon!)

 Le Marche was incredible and I'm definitely going to head back - the amount of colour there was insane thanks to the variety of food you could get! The sushi was delicious!

Ripley's aquarium was great, too - especially the moving tunnel underneath the sharks, the interactive stroking tanks and the diver's show! It was super informative, not only about the fish but also the water in Toronto! Even more impressive? The aquarium recycles 95% of its water!

 The harbourfront was beautiful and the cruise around the islands meant we got a good view of the Toronto skyline! We didn't land on the islands, though - that's something definitely to come!

 The Amsterdam brewhouse was not only a really cool place, but the food and drink was incredible, too!
The University campus is architecturally beautiful too, and there is so much green everywhere, it's a photographers haven...

 Every year the Engineering Frosh (freshers to us Brits!) paint the dome on this building something different... last year it was a pokeball, this year it's a storm trooper!

 This is Robarts, the biggest library on campus (there are several!) and it's meant to look like a Peacock!

I ended up in a place called the El Furniture Warehouse after the campus tour guide recommended it - everything food wise there is $5 and the cocktails are super affordable too!

 I also ended up going to a boardgame cafe, where we ended up drinking really good cider and playing Cards Against Humanity until we went through the whole pack!

 Riding the streetcar (tram) was also an experience, although I definitely think walking around the city is easier for me... that is, until the snow arrives, I'm sure!

 The Clubs Day fair was held on Kings Circle and was extremely chaotic and busy... I felt like a fresher again, having signed up to way too many different clubs...
... including a dance club that I probably won't go back to, but at least I got a solid 2 hour work out! 
.... and the UofT fashion network, which had these amazing pink balloons!


The City has some pretty cool street art, too! I can tell that I'm going to want to try and get some good outfit photos by these walls!
I already love living in Canada, purely because I can go to Sephora (not sure my bank balance will be loving it by the end of the year, though!!)

 Visits to China Town have been quite frequent - I've eaten Pho for the first time (Vietnamese at Pho Hung) and some seriously good Kung Pao Chicken from Anne's Magic Kitchen!
I also found a burrito place that does deep fried mars bars!! 
My first trip to the LCBO and I'd never seen so much alcohol in one shop! It's super regulated in Canada and you have to carry it in brown paper bags so it's concealed. 
 Naturally I had to try Tim Hortons, and now that I've discovered TIM BITS (they are heavenly!), there's no doubt I'll be a regular!

 The three Brits take Toronto... including TIFF, which was kinda underwhelming - maybe because we didn't realise you had to get tickets for the cool stuff! Although, we did get free lemonade: WIN.

 I fan girled so hard when we walked past the Bay Adelaide Center which is featured in Suits as a proxy New York!

 We found this incredible dog sculpture fountain right by toronto's very own flatiron building...
 ... which is actually called the Gooderham building and was built about 10 years before the New York version! The back of the building is possibly even more cool than the front...
... although I'm not entirely sure what it's meant to be!

I have a feeling I'm going to frequent the UofT bookstore (that sells everything from merch clothing to mobile phones!!!) way too often!

Sorry for the photo spam, I promise I'm going to try and do it more regularly so that each post has fewer photos, but I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've got up to so far. I also plan on trying to do some more 'regular' posts again, so keep an eye out for those! Happy Monday! Don't forget to keep track on my social media postings by searching the #BeckyLeetakesTO...
Becky xx 


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