The Final Countdown

'twas the night before Canada, when all through the house
every kilo was being counted, because she had way too much stuff to pack 
(sorry, I'm not very good at poems)

I'm sat in the kitchen, sipping a cup of tea and realising that my year abroad starts properly tomorrow!! After almost a year of preparation, it's the final countdown until I go - so why not write a blog post detailing the 5 things that I'd like to achieve whilst away, because I'm an ol' sentimental gal.

  1. Meet a whole host of new and completely different people - I've got such high expectations for Canadians (I hear they're quite a friendly bunch) so I've no doubt this one will be pretty easy, but the main thing I want to do whilst on my year abroad is simply meet some of the most interesting people I possibly can!
  2. See brand new places - I've never been to Canada before, so I can't wait to explore the country as much as is physically possible. Whilst I may be based in Toronto, I definitely want to get over to the West and visit as many places as possible. If you have somewhere I HAVE to go, please let me know!
  3. Do new things - whether that's learning to ski (I promise I'll try not to break any bones, Mum!), trying new foods (poutine I'm coming for you) or finding a new hobbie I'm all for trying to make the most of this experience.
  4. Join in with as many things as possible - again, I really want to appreciate the opportunity as much as I can so joining in with societies, clubs, outings, socials etc. is definitely something I'd like to do a lot of (although, I'm going to try not to burn myself out as I know I can!).
  5. Work hard and have fun - I think if I do the 4 above things, having fun will probably fall in to place naturally, but I definitely want to learn as much as possibly can academically... I certainly want to make the most of having access to some of the top professors in the world!
 I'd just like to thank everyone that has helped make this happen, along with anyone that has wished me luck, given me advice or just calmed me down when I've been freaking out: Big love to you all! (Thank god I'm packed now, ha!).
My aim is to blog as much as possible, so keep an eye out for my year abroad ramblings. As always, thanks for reading.
 Becky xx

PS I'm going to be using the hashtag #beckyleetakesTO on social media - so to keep up to date and see snippets of my year abroad then definitely check it out!


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