Urban Decay Naked Heat


I owe my flat mates and close uni pals a lot, but one of things I'm most thankful for has to be the fact that they went to pretty much every length to buy me, as a leaving present, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette on early release back in the middle of June without me knowing... if you know me well, I'm pretty awful at being surprised because I'm so nosey, so the fact that they pulled it off (with a fair few hiccups along the way due to my meddling!!) makes the present even more special! I doubt I've ever wanted a make up item more than this and so the fact I was lucky enough to get this and play around with it earlier than anticipated has given me a lot of satisfaction and made me feel all of the feels... but the question is, has it been worth it? In short: yes, yes it has!
I've been a huge advocate of Urban Decay eye shadow palettes for a long time on my blog (I now own half of the Naked collection) and I'm not disappointed when it comes to the newest addition. In true UD style, all of the colours are creamy, buttery and extremely blendable - which is great for someone like me who can easily make a hash of their eye shadow and their only saviour is a blending brush! 
The packaging is also in the classic Naked Palette style, although is a little bulkier compared to my Naked 2, but it's still super travel friendly. The brush included in the Naked Heat is my favourite so far (although I love the mini one from the Naked Basics) as they're a lot more fluffy but still can pack on pigment as either end isn't too bulky, making them a lot more versatile than previous ones.
Speaking of pigmentation, only one colour disappoints and that's the highlighting shade ounce - they haven't quite hit the nail on the head for me with it, but bootycall from Naked 2 always helps me out in that department so I'm not short of getting a popping eyebrow arch or inner corner! My favourite shades are definitely lumbre, ember and en fuego but scorched definitely takes the number one spot for me. Despite thinking that heat wouldn't be able to create a range of looks like you can with the other palettes, I've managed to do pretty well with the variety of looks I've used and I've always had complements wearing it out and about. I know a lot of people were frustrated with UD for hopping on the warm toned shadow band wagon, bringing out this type of palette is not only perfect for people like me who weren't brave enough to wear red eye shadow before but also for those that don't have anything similar (other than maybe some of the shades in the Zoeva Cocoa palette) - and I think that's what I like best about this product, it's just different.

You can now get your hands on the coveted palette here - happy shopping!

I'm so greatful for my friends for buying me this and I will treasure it dearly! Have you managed to get your hands on this palette yet or is it at the top of your beauty list (because it should be!)? Let me know! Have a fab week...
Becky xx


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