Discovering Suffolk

About two weeks ago, I headed to Suffolk with my Mum for a couple of days as I'd been bugging her to take me back to Southwold. Southwold, and the surrounding area, is one of my favourite places in the UK by far; it has lovely architecture, quaint shops and cafes as well as some amazing beaches! Naturally I documented a lot of our visit through photos so I decided to do a blog post detailing what we got up to (we packed a lot into 36 hours!) and where I'd recommend going if you're ever in the area or heading there soon...

This is where we stayed and although we'd visited before, we hadn't stayed overnight. We opted for the Brudenell hotel, which had an amazing restaurant that boasted lovely sea views for meals, as well as decent sized rooms (you can pay extra for a sea view) and attentive staff. I couldn't really fault it other than the food service was a little slow, but overall I'd highly recommend it! The Gin and Tonic menu is utterly astounding so if you're a G&T fanatic, it's definitely one to visit...
Aldeburgh itself is similar to Southwold in the way of shops, however it is much smaller in size. We ate lunch in the cafe connected to the bakers having strolled up to the infamous shell on the beach which is definitely worth visiting! 

Beach huts, cafes, shopping, fish and chips, the pier, Adnams... the opportunities in Southwold are endless and all in a lovely place. We ended up parking near pier and visiting all of the arcades and taking in the views first, then walking along the seafront past all of the colourful beach huts (including some well named ones, especially Jabba the Hut)! We did an almost circle through the high street, popping into the shops along the way, including the Adnams shop which is at least worth a visit, even if you don't particularly like beer/ale as they now stock A LOT of products! We had scampi and chips back at the cafe at the end of the pier, partaking in a few amusements on the way out then headed over to Walberswick. 

If you are going to Southwold, you have to go to Walberswick, too. It's a lot smaller but also a lot more quaint and somewhere that I'd expect to read about in a chick-lit book! During the summer months you can get there via a boat, but as we went in non-peak season we drove, although there is the ability to walk it, too. It's an amazing walk to do (I've done it in the past) and the Walberswick shops are also worth a visit!

Where abouts is your favourites place in the UK? Have a good rest of the weekend!
Becky xx

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