The Place: Edinburgh

If you follow me on social media, you will no doubt know that I visited Edinburgh last week to see some of my school friends as they study at the University there... I had an absolute blast, so naturally I had to do a blog post about my trip! Keep your eyes peeled for recommendations on where to eat, where to visit and what else I got up to...
Silhouettes in the Meadows
 My trip to Edinburgh involved a LOT of walking (so much so I still ached yesterday!) - in fact we did 35km in 3 days roughly! The meadows are a stunning green space, whilst Arthur's Seat allows for some pretty spectacular views of the city, even when it's zero degrees!

The top of Arthur's Seat

On our way down from Arthur's Seat
 Food was the also major factor of my trip! Whilst I walked past shops selling haggis and fried mars bars, the most tempting delicacy I would have wanted to try was the hog roast from Oink, but unfortunately we were too full from our previous meal to go in when we passed!
Whilst I didn't personally try one, the 'proper' hog roasts looked amazing
However, the one place I would recommend above all else would be Fredericks - it's a lovely quaint cafe that's up some stairs on a bustling shopping road in New Town. The staff was lovely and the food was DELICIOUS... plus they had the best sign on the wall and interiors!
Fredericks was by far the best place we went for food...

Especially this waffle!
My friend Claudia and I are both obsessed with cake, so of course I had to visit her favourite cake shop in Edinburgh... and I have to admit, it was pretty darn good! Whilst we couldn't face the cake at the time, we were able to take it away, although I'm pretty sure the cafe would be amazing to sit in and eat there, too!
Some of the best cake I've ever tried - highly recommended!
 There's a whole lot more to Edinburgh than food, though, especially it's architecture and historical places - we ended up visiting Mary King's Close which was actually really enjoyable and it was amazing to see what the city would have been like a few hundred years ago!
The streets in Edinburgh were amazing...

Especially once we visited Mary King's Close and discovered what Edinburgh was like in the past!
If you read the stories about Edinburgh, then Greyfriar's Bobby is one of the most prolific, so of course we had to pass through the Kirkyard where his grave is... plus you may find some other graves that inspired JK Rowling for Harry Potter! (We also passed a couple of places where she wrote the books, but unfortunately I forgot to take photos!)

A trip to Greyfriar's Kirkyard is definitely a must do...

Especially if you're a Harry Potter fan!

Apparently this wall art changes almost every month!

The Grassmarket was by far my favourite area of the city

Plus the flight over the whole of the UK was amazing, even with the most amazing cloud blanket!

Have you been to Edinburgh before? Do you have any recommendations, too? I had the most amazing time (and even had my first sober club night out at Hive!!)... Don't forget you can donate to my #dryathlong/ Dry January in aid of Cancer Research here... Have a wonderful week!
Becky xx


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