The Reflection: 2016

2016 has been interesting to say the least and whilst like most I think I'm ready for a new year, it's been actually really lovely looking back at some of the photos and memories I've got from this year. (See my flipagram on Instagram here!)

I've had to deal with a lot this year that I hadn't before; loss of relatives, supporting friends when they needed it the most, seeing family go through tough moments and being put in situations which have caused me a lot more stress than I needed! 

It's safe to say it's been a challenging year but also one full on fun and laughter...

  • I became treasurer of Warwick Latin and Ballroom and have met so many amazing people whilst continuing to do something I love (not just because of the glitter!) 😂
  • I went on tour with German Society and experienced the beauty of Hamburg for the first time (plus have some pretty funny memories!)
  • I've spent a lot more time with family and have had a blast with every single member, even when circumstances weren't the best!
  • I helped out at Essex Jamboree and my Scouts (and Guides) family grew even more, plus I've managed to stay in close friendships with so many amazing people I've met through Scouting! I've also achieved my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award which I hope to receive early next year!
  • I helped organise and participated in our  Strictly Come Dancing charity event which was not only for a great cause (Warwick Marrow/Anthony Nolan) but was so so much fun I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!
  • I've visited so many new places and experienced lots of new things, not only through travel but also been lucky enough that my blog has allowed me to do so! 
  • I've changed my hair colour, length and style several times; I found out I'll be spending part of my 2017 in Toronto, Canada; my confidence is ever growing, I've worked hard and my make up collection has increased drastically (sorry Mum).

Whilst we've lost a lot of celebrities this year, seen awful events happen and have witnessed massive political changes, there has also been a lot of good and I think we should try and focus on that! 

Happy New Year to you all - I hope you have an amazing night celebrating... As for me, as soon as it hits midnight I'll be off the booze for the whole of January in aid of Cancer Research! Feel free to donate whatever you can here, I'd really appreciate it!! 

Thank you to everyone who has made my 2016 so great, I love you all! Here's to 2017 🎉 
Becky xx


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