The Outfit: Autumnal Accessories

I love Autumn, I genuinely think it's my favourite season (I probably say that every year, too)... the colours, the layers and the accessories. I've decided that I'm definitely more of an accessories girl above all else - hand me a good bag, scarf, hat or some gorgeous shoes and I'll be over the moon! What better way to combine two of my favourite things than with a fashion post (another of my favourite things!) focusing on all things accessories, including the most gorgeous bag from Boutique of Molly!

My days recently have been filled with dancing, work and organising a large number of events now that I'm on the exec of Latin and Ballroom at uni; however there's nothing I've enjoyed more than wrapping up in multiple layers, throwing on a good pair of boots and going for a walk. 

This bag from Boutique of Molly* - a brand you guys know that I love to work with as they're super understanding and have a great selection of bits and pieces on their website - has been a life saver these past few weeks... it's been with me to the fireworks, to the shops and for walks around Leamington - plus it's called the New York bag, which of course meant once I saw it, I had to get it!

I'm fairly certain I've raved about these gorgeous suede grey boots from Marks and Spencer in the past and I have to admit they're some of my favourite shoes - they go with jeans and dresses so they're super versatile, plus they make a good change to a pair of black boots! 

I'm also sure that back when I first started my blog I had just bought my first scarf from Zara that ended up becoming the topic of many jokes at school - it's so large that I used it throughout the year as a blanket to keep me warm in the winter months, and then as a picnic rug in the summer! Unfortunately I lost the OG scarf at the end of last winter, however luckily they still sell a similar style, and actually I think I prefer this combination as it's so neutral. Praise the lord for Zara not discontinuing these!

I just wanted to get a picture outside this amazing house we found!

Massive shout out to Ferdi ( for putting up with me and taking the photos - what a babe! What's your favourite season fashion-wise? Thank you for all for sticking with me recently despite the lack of posts - your support means the world! 
Becky xx

*Massive thanks to BoM for working with me again and giving me a discount on the bag.


  1. This person - Ferdi - sounds like the greatest person ever to have graced the world with existence.

  2. The outfits are good!!!!!!!!!!


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