The Bake Off: Viennese Whirls

I'm back with another of my GBBO themed posts (if you missed the first one, click here!) and if you watched last weeks episode, you'll know that my challenge this week was another of Mary's recipes... Viennese Whirls. Now, to be frank, I don't particularly like a Viennese Whirl - I'm more of a bourbon gal, myself - but of course I had to attempt to make them anyway. Other than the slight failure of my piping skills in the beginning, I don't think I did too badly...

For the jam:
200g raspberries
250g jam sugar

For the biscuits:
250g very soft butter
50g icing sugar
225g plain flour
25g cornflour

For the buttercream:
200g icing sugar
100g soft butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 

1. Put the raspberries and sugar in a deep sided pan (because it bubbles a lot!) and using a potato masher, crush the fruit. Bring to a boil over a low heat, then once bubbling turn up to a medium-high temperature for 4 minutes - I found that there was no traces of solid sugar after about 2 mins of big bubbles so then left it for another 2.
2. Take off the heat and pour into a suitable container. Leave to cool on the side, then put in the fridge (don't do this straight away else you'll get more of a jelly... Guess who did that? Me!).
3. Preheat oven to 170°C/150°C Fan/Gas mark 5. Line 3 baking trays (I used 2 and they survived) with grease proof paper and draw 4cm circles far enough away from each other that the biscuits have room to spread - they do expand quite a lot. 
4. Beat the butter and icing sugar together until pale and fluffy (about 5 minutes). Sift in the flour and cornflour and mix until combined - I stopped just as it was all mixed in as I didn't want the mixture to be too stiff. 

I got a little dusty... 

5. Pipe your mixture in circles using a medium star nozzled piping bag. At first I tried to do rounds in just making a blob, but this just seemed too much mixture so I just went for rosettes - completely NOT what Mary Berry wants you to do, sorry Mez!
6. Bake for 13-15 minutes until just turning golden. Cool in tray, then transfer to wiring rack to harden. Spoon on your jam to 12 of the rounds, leaving them on the rack jam side up. 
7. Put all of the buttercream ingredients in a bowl and beat until super fluffy and light. Pipe on a splodge of buttercream and place the top of the biscuit on each. 

7. Sprinkle with a bit of icing sugar and you're done and dusted - excuse the pun!!

Patience Factor 8/10 (These weren't too bad, other than the piping!)
Easiness 9.5/10 (not too difficult, even for me!)
Taste 8/10 (Just not quite as good as Jaffa Cakes in general...)

Have you attempted these yourself? Who's your favourite GBBO contestant so far - I like Candice and Selasi!! Hope you have a great rest of the week...
Becky xx
Apologies for the rubbish lighting, I had to do this at around 7 o clock last night due to starting work experience! x

*recipe taken from*


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