The Top Ten: Festival Necessities

Having written about my experiences at V Festival earlier this week and with Reading/Leeds happening this weekend, what better post to write than and edit-style one all about my top 10 beauty-related things you need for a festival! I've got some of my go-to make up products for long wear, a few practical things and a few 'fun' things all in the mix but they all were absolute life savers last weekend...

1. Bobby Pins
The amount of bobby pins I go through in a year must be ridiculous, however I wouldn't be able to live without them... They are super easy to use and can make your hair go from drab-to-fab in a matter of seconds. Of course these had to be included as I used them on both days, firstly to recreate the twisted hairstyle I wore in my Outfit Post here, but also to perfect my plait and Miley Cyrus style bun hairstyle I had on the Sunday!

I'm not normally one to talk about armpits, but this deodorant is the bomb. I can suffer from quite bad sweat patches (you all wanted to know that, didn't you?!) and this has been a game changer. It lasts a seriously long time, doesn't smell too offensive and doesn't leave any embarrassing white stains - perfect for a festival, as well as everyday!

3. Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser
I just adore this stuff. It's the only skincare product that I actually use everyday (I'm so lazy...) and it's just wonderful. It doesn't smell, doesn't irritate my relatively sensitive skin, plus it contains SPF - which for the sunny weather we're having right now, means I don't have to worry about sun damage (or trying to pile suncream on top of my makeup!).
Speaking of suncream, you may notice that my picture only contains 9 products - and before you say that I can't count, it's purely because my trusty Boots Soltan Minis have all run out thanks to the beautiful weather we've been getting... BUT of course I had to include this as no one wants to burn!

Another of my long-time favourites for when I know I'm going to be outside a lot is this handy little lip product. It not only stops your lips from getting damaged by the UV rays, but also can double up as a gorgeous rosy lip tint if you need it in an emergency! As it's such a handy size as well, there's no doubt it won't fit in your festival bumbag.
It may well be one of the most hyped beauty products in all the land, but this stuff deserves the praise.  I managed to get this for second hand (the person previously had only used it once!) and no doubt I will repurchase this in the future. It may seem expensive, but you barely use any each time but the results are brows that look far more under control than they could be, plus this doesn't budge so is ideal for long make up days!
This is just one of my favourite golden-toned highlight products... Whilst I also love Benefit's Watt's Up, this seems to last longer on me and give me a more festival vibe (the fact it's liquid also means I can layer it up easily for a super in your face glow!).
Again this is raved about a lot on the internet, but it really is a good cream eyeshadow base, plus means you can make your eyeshadow colour stand out a lot more! My eyelids crease quite easily but this stuff seems to be the first thing I've bought that keeps my eyeshadow from completely disappearing, even after a fair few hours of wear!
Having bought this back in July, I've worn this on almost any occasion I needed the perfect brown-nude that lasted well. The formula doesn't feel drying but it's durability is amazing and I'm so tempted to buy this in another colour! Whilst the applicator does make application a little difficult, this was the perfect lip product for V Fest as I didn't want to have to keep applying it where there's no mirror!
I got this in one of my beauty boxes, and if you can't wear blue eyeliner to a festival, when can you?! I love using the darker, navy blue on the top in place of liquid liner and then the lighter, bright blue in my water line and smudged out underneath. This looked amazing and the formula of this meant that it lasted all day, plus applying it was super easy - what more could you want?!
For those of you who have read my blog for the almost 3 years it's been running, you might remember I wrote a similar post here the last time I went to V Fest a couple of years back, which I think is still pretty useful! Do you have any recommendations? Have a lovely Bank Holiday if you're in the UK...
Becky xx


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