The Review: Glasses Direct

Never in a million years would I have thought I could get a pair of prescriptions Sunglasses, as well as a new pair of glasses, all for £90, but when I came across Glasses Direct via social media I was astounded at the service. To be honest with you, I thought there was a catch and there were hundreds of secret charges, but oh, how I was wrong...!

The Home Trial is one of the best ideas I've heard of when it comes to shopping for glasses online - you are able to order 4 pairs of glasses to try on (they're the same as those in an opticians with plastic as the lenses) for no charge, although if you don't return them within 7 days you do get charged as you have to enter your card details. I ended up doing about 4 home trials worth of glasses and boy did it help. They have new stock in all the time - my choice of glasses only came in a week before I ordered - and so it's definitely worth trying a few boxes. 
In the end, I opted for these Lipsy 52 frames for my sunglasses (the tint on them added about £20 as I got scratch resistant as well as the sunglasses options) and these lovely 'Millie' by Scout frames for my glasses - I'm still in love with these even after 6 weeks! You get a great quality glasses case with each pair of glasses, which I think is really good as I expected far worse... I was able to use a discount code they have running fairly often that gives you 50% off frames + a second pair free, which I think is absolutely amazing!

You do have the option at any time to return your glasses if the prescription is wrong or your unhappy, which on discovery is what made me finally place my order as I knew there was definitely someway of getting my money back. Your prescription you provide must be within 2 years - just ask your optician for a copy of it, they're not allowed to refuse you if you request a print out that provides all of the details you need!

I did end up ringing the company a couple of times, purely to check things and make sure I was understanding everything correctly - the customer service were extremely helpful and efficient, certainly much better than I expected! As you can probably tell, I'm rather chuffed with the outcome - especially when I ended up saving a rather large amount of money...

Have you used glasses direct before - leave your experience below in the comments! Whilst this wasn't at all written in correspondence with the company, I just wanted to pass on my positive review (plus reassure those who are a bit dubious about it!). Have a lovely week...
Becky xx


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