The Highlights: V Festival 2016

You will have seen a lot about V Festival floating around on social media - if not you live under a rock - and therefore you will know that it was the weekend just gone. I am lucky enough to live merely 10 minutes away from Hylands Park in Chelmsford and therefore don't have to endure the camping and can enjoy the luxury of an actual roof over my head whilst still experiencing the live music... There was a fair amount of negativity surrounding the festival after Saturday night, purely thanks to Justin Bieber's shit not so great performance - safe to say he was pretty disappointing, especially since I have been converted into a 'fan' of music over the last 12 months or so. However, we won't be dwelling on the negatives of the festival on here (I am trying to create a positive space on the internet after all!) and I thought I'd share with you who really hit the nail on the head, who surprised and my all round highlights from the weekend!

The Good
We spent a little time in the dance tent this year (I didn't when I went two years ago... ah how clubbing has changed me!) and really enjoyed Jonas Blue -  he was just an overall good DJ, but of course Fast Car and Perfect Strangers were great live. It was surprising that Sigala wasn't in the Dance tent, as well, but they still managed to create a really great atmosphere out in the open, and the singers that performed with him were also extremely good. DNCE were the first act of the festival for me and Toothbrush and Cake By The Ocean were pretty fab, plus I can now claim that I've been within 50m of Joe Jonas...! I've seen Bastille before, but back in the day when they weren't so famous, so it was great to see them when I knew a few more of their songs - they're seriously good musicians and I've decided I have a weird attraction to Dan... 
The Surprises
There were so many good singers this year, in that they all sounded pretty much the same as they do on record, or sometimes even better... for me the latter describes Zara Larsson and Fleur East. They both had barrels of energy and just made me dance like no one else - plus they both seemed like pretty cool, down to Earth chicks! Mike Posner was one of my first fan girl moments and then of course he just seemed to fall off the face of the planet (until of course the Ibiza remix), but I was pleasantly by his performance. Even though I barely knew any of the songs he did, he still managed to get the crowd going, and of course Cooler Than Me was a great moment for 13 year old me! I have to admit the very deep end convo, including him crying, was slightly weird but hey - who am I to judge?! I think that David Guetta was almost the warm up man for Rihanna and I think that was well played by the organisers... the crowd were slightly less annoyed by the 30 minute wait in the rain for the headliner purely because of how hyped he'd got everyone - I'd love to see him in somewhere like Ibiza!

The Best of the Best
No surprises for me that Tinie Tempah was just insane - I've seen him something like 4 times now and he just gets better everytime! If you haven't seen him yet, you need to - especially if you get the opportunity to see him and Jess Glynne on the same stage as they work so well together! Saying that, she was amazing on her own, too and has certainly improved her stage presence in the past 2 years (I saw her at V in 2014, too!)... I personally think she was the best dressed as well! That accolade was certainly fought for by Olly from Years and Years, too as he wore a Cheerleading outfit! Their performance has certainly made me want to actually see them on a tour at some point, as did Little Mix. My friend Natalie has been a Mixer since they were on the X Factor, and has banged on about how good they are live - it's safe to say I think it's very much a "I told you so" moment as they put on a great show! She may have been about half an hour late, but Rihanna was so so worth it. Yet again, she just seemed super cool and actually a lot more grateful for all her fans than what I thought she would be (although maybe 30 mins delay doesn't suggest that!)... She managed to squeeze in A LOT of her hits, along with a fair few of her new songs - it certainly made me want to go out and buy ANTI now, who knew she could make me love her anymore?!

Yes it may be extremely mainstream and commercial, however I think that this year was potentially one of the best line ups and I had such a great weekend! Did you go to V this year or have you been before? I hope you have a good week!
Becky xx


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