The Experience: HomeSense Chelmsford Opening

I always lust after Pinterest-worthy homeware and I've finally managed to get my hands on some thanks to the new HomeSense that's opened in Chelmsford on the Riverside Retail Park (next to Staples!)... I always feel a little guilty when I buy bits and pieces like photo frames from larger companies (I like to shop local when it comes to cute little knick knacks, simply because I worked in a boutique homeware shop for 2.5 years!), however having talked to the staff yesterday and also seeing some beautiful hand crafted pieces from India, I have to admit I'm a little more into this idea than I initially thought.

I didn't really know a lot about HomeSense before it came to Chelmsford - our nearest ones were in Romford or Lakeside - so I didn't know what quite to expect. However, as I was told last night, it's part of the same brand as TKMaxx so they offer similar discounts of up to 60% off on all things home (they also do a few things that overlap with TKMaxx). When I say all things home, I literally mean EVERYTHING - there is a section for practically any room in your house and a large section for the garden, too! 
Their range of items was extensive and whilst having a peruse around the store's two floors, as I was kindly given a £20 gift card to spend, I realised that almost every type of person could be bought for! There was the most amazing display of Asian-style pieces, including some amazing Buddha statues, as well as kitsch, Cath Kidston-style items for those who have more that kind of house... I'd highly recommend going to have a browse if you're after some well priced but lovely bits and bobs!

Onto what I managed to pick up for myself... I desperately have wanted a few new things to put in my blog backgrounds - every time I saw something pretty, I'd pick it up, see the price and almost cry to myself! However, not only did I take the opportunity that I had a gift card, but also of the great value for money price tags, I opted for a variety of marble, rose gold and acrylic items - typical blogger, I know!
This gorgeous rose gold candle (that also smells INSANE) was £5.99 and I'm in love with it, even though I won't actually burn it! My other amazing purchase that you'll see pop up more often is this stunning marble chopping board - yet again I'm not using it for its purpose, but oh well - which was also well priced at £9.99. My need for more make up organisation has finally been resolved with this "coffee station" which I'm going to be actually using as a dupe for the Muji products that everyone went crazy for about a year and a half ago!

What do you think of my little haul? Let me know if you get the chance to visit the new HomeSense in Chelmsford - I'd highly recommend a quick trip if you're in the area! Have a lovely rest of the week...
Becky xx


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