The Outfit: Amsterdam Day to Night

Amsterdam seems to be one of the go-to places at the moment and has been on my bucket list for a while, as featured in my Travel Wishlist here, and it became even more tempting having seen my parents and brother enjoy it so much in February, so when on a whim my flat mates and I decided to go, I couldn't wait! I haven't posted on social media much about our trip, purely because my phone died the day before I went. Luckily I managed to take some photos on my friend Liz's phone whilst we were there!  Fashion posts are always some of my favourites yet I don't seem to post them that often but I made sure that I managed to get a few snaps of what I wore whilst I visited the beautiful Dutch city...
It's safe to say that pale pink is quickly becoming one of my favourite colours of this year (plus it looks pretty great with my hair!) and so when I found this shell pink bomber jacket from New Look, I knew I had to get it! It's perfect for both day and night and versatility for me is always a huge bonus when it comes to pieces like this...  Naturally I wore my white converse for both day and night as I love them - in fact I've finally got round to repurchasing them to replace this old, not so white pair that are featured! 
Whilst the days of wearing obviously branded t-shirts (throwback to year 10!), I still love the Hollister basic tees because they just seem to be the perfect shape and are super flattering. They're also super soft and if you manage to get them in the sale, it's no different to getting a top from somewhere like Topshop.

Having started University I have very much become a Jeans and T-Shirt kind of girl, so when I was in need last summer (about this time last year, actually!) when we were in San Francisco, these Target ripped jeans saved me from freezing to death! I can't find anything similar on the Target website, but for a similar price and look I found these ones from

Onto the night time outfit, I kept my jacket (as I said, it's extremely versatile), and swapped into my turtle neck from H&M and my rediscovered pinafore dress from Motel which is about 3 years old! I love this and whilst it's no longer sold, I found similar sort of thing here or here just for you... don't say I don't treat you! 
In terms of accessories, the weather whilst I was in Amsterdam was pretty temperamental, but fortunately I did manage to wear my gorgeous cat eye sunglasses from ASOS some of the time we were there! Plus my John Lewis bag (similar here) that also featured in my Country Walks OOTD post was a god send for travelling as well as wondering around and exploring the city...

Which outfit do you prefer - day or night? Have you been to Amsterdam? Hope you have a great rest of your week...
Becky xx


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