The Film: Me Before You

For those of you that read my Me Before You book review here, then you'll probably have been expecting this post. Having finished the book during the Easter holidays, I naturally HAD to see this film (especially as it has Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke in it!), so I went with my best friend Claudia last week! The film lived up to my (rather high) expectations which I'm so glad about, so I thought I'd share my thoughts...

The Good
The line up of cast members is amazing - my favourite casting though was definitely Sam Claflin as Will. I honestly think he's becoming one of my favourite actors as he can play so many roles so well! What also left a deep impression on me was the fact that I'd never noticed how expressive Emilia Clarke's eyebrows are until this film... whilst that may seem a little random, both my friend Claudia and I both commented on them, so they're a crucial part of the film, seemingly! Another wonderful thing about this film is the soundtrack - there are some classics in there, but also some I'd never heard of before that just worked perfectly! 

On to more serious stuff though, I thought I'd do this post to clarify that whilst the film doesn't stick 100% to the book, it does a wonderful job of being true to the characters and sensitive plot line. As with the book, I don't think it was any old love story, but one which is so much more about living life to the full, as well as talking about Euthanasia in a way that makes people think; the latter point, in my opinion, makes the film better than the book in that sense. I'm not going to say that I preferred the film to the book, but I do think that the storyline carries well, it's the perfect chick-flick that maybe most people might enjoy but it's also now battling the Notebook for top spot in terms of amount I sobbed!

The Not So Good
As much as I love Emilia Clark, to me it took her at least 30 minutes of the film to really become Lou for me and so I was initially rather disappointed... but once she seemingly settled into the storyline, I think she did a pretty great job! The only other issue was that because I read the book so recently, I knew exactly was coming and therefore I think I cried far more than I would have, had I not known... whilst that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just had to warn you that it is certainly a tear-jerker!

I definitely would say that this story, whether through the book or the film, is one of my favourite discoveries of 2016 - just prepare yourself with multiple tissues! I hope you have a good weekend...
Becky xx

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