The Review: Madame LA LA Tan

It seems the British weather is teasing us relentlessly and I'm unsure whether or not that summer is finally on its way or whether those two sunny weeks were all we're getting... however, no matter what the weather is doing, a good bronze glow to the skin always gives me way more body confidence! It's (potentially) shorts/skirts/t-shirt weather and it's safe to say that now that I've been tanning more regularly for dance competitions, my pasty natural colour isn't as desirable... so it was about time I tried a new fake tan: Madame LA LA Tan*. P.S I'm not trying to live up to the Essex stereotype, too much - honest...!

I love my trusty St Moritz Tan as mentioned in my January favourites (at £3 a bottle, who wouldn't) for dance, but the colour can go a bit strange after a couple of showers - which isn't an issue for dance competitions, but is a little bit worse when I have to go to lectures, too! When I got sent the Madame La La Tan Self Tan Mousse* and the West Coast Face Bronzing Serum* I  couldn't wait to try it - enriched with things such as coco water, aloe and several other antioxidants, I was interested to see whether or not it would help moisturise my skin as well as bronze...
Before and After

  • There was no biscuity smell AT ALL - yay for fake tan developments!

  • My skin did feel more nourished - it definitely appreciated the hydration that it was longing for (yes I am very relaxed when it comes to body moisturising) - plus fake tanning means that I feel like I have to exfoliate and moisturise so I get soft, hydrated skin as well as a healthy looking colour!
  • Speaking of colour, I adore the shade it came out... whilst it was pretty dark on the first day after application ( which would be perfect for dancing!), after I showered that evening, the colour was one of the best I've ever seen from a fake tan. It wasn't at all 'orange' and wasn't too in your face, but it still looked like you'd been in the sun (without any of the harmful UV).
  • As the bottle states, there weren't any streaks so I wasn't having to worry about whether or not my legs had suddenly become stripy

Note the patchiness around my neck/collarbones

  • There was some patchiness - especially around my neck area which was a little strange. I think it was probably where the body mousse and face serum met on my skin and so for next time I'd make sure to blend them in more seamlessly and not overlap too much. Other than this, I didn't have random patches anywhere which was a plus!
  • Whilst the sun was shining during my trial with this, I did wear flip flops and sandals... one major issue was that it does rub off where any straps are, which isn't ideal. Another area where it seemed to wear off more was around my elbows - although as my Aunt commented, it just then looked like I'd just been sunbathing whilst reading a book! I also seemed to get a bit of a dimpled effect on the tops of my arms - I think this could be prevented if unlike me, you moisturised daily, but I'm just pure lazy!
  • The Face Serum looks really scary - it's super worrying when all you're about to do is lump some dark brown/almost black liquid on your face... all you can do is pray for the best! I think I may try this mixed in with my face moisturiser next time to make it a little less overwhelming!
  • I usually do use a mitt (or more recently a sock with a plastic bag underneath #studentlife) to apply, but as the instructions said "use a mitt if desired" I decided to take this as "you can apply this with just your hands and it won't stain"... out of curiosity I did try this and I WOULD NOT recommend - good one Becky! Fortunately I managed to get rid of most of it before my lectures the next day...

I of course shaved and exfoliated beforehand using my Soap and Glory "Scrub of your life" and used my "Butter Yourself Up" body moisturiser afterwards to make it last longer and give me a more even tan. If you'd like a more in depth routine, do let me know! 

Would I recommend this? Probably. I mean it is pretty pricey but for a lovely colour and relatively long lasting formula, the tan is great... especially as it's now available at Superdrug! Despite this,I think I'm still on the hunt for my perfect product to faux the bronze! Have a great week...

Becky xx

*PR Samples - as always opinions are 100% my own*


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