The Advice: Coping with Stress

It's safe to say that the past week or so has been one of the most stressful and upsetting weeks of my life, however I think I'm coming out the end of it now. This week has been an eye opener to me and has made me realise what helps me cope with stress... I thought I'd share my tips to help because exam season is in full swing and I know a lot of you will be feeling a little frazzled! Plus, with it being Mental Health Awareness week, I think we all need to focus on keeping ourselves as stress-free as possible...

Take Time Out

I used to feel guilty about not constantly working but I think it makes for a much better and more effective revision session if I've had a break - whether it's watching Made in Chelsea and Game of Thrones, going to the gym or making lunch whilst trying to prevent myself from a downward YouTube spiral (!) anything that makes you take about an hour off will mean you feel more motivated to get your work done. This is something I also emphasised in my "5 Steps to Motivate Yourself" post last year... not much changes then - I'm obviously one for breaks! My favourite thing I've done this time round was attending a "Doggy Destress" session organised by the university in aid of the Guide Dogs...

Set Goals and Organise Fun Things
I don't think there's any better motivation than knowing you're doing something good later, even if it's just a movie night with the flat! I've also found the app FocusNow extremely useful - you can set up multiples of 25 minutes, during the time a seed grows into a plant but it dies if you attempt to use your phone - I think this discovery courtesy of Melissa from The Modern Audrey is my best one yet for this year!

Talk About It
Whilst you may not want to burden your friends or family with your worries, often you'll find that other people are having the same sort of thoughts as you and knowing you're not alone can be comforting... also you can then look out for each other in a more attentive way!
For anyone that knows me well will be rolling their eyes at this one - I'm OBSESSED with massage.  In fact, my mum treated me to a massage this morning with Cathryn Rae and it was honestly one of the best I've had... Mum is also an advocate for her reflexology massages, so if you're in the area, we'd both highly recommend seeing her! I also love doing a bit of Pilates - I find that the internet is a great place for some move inspiration (for example here)...

Find Quotes
Possibly the cheesiest one, but one of the most helpful. I saw the above image on Facebook yesterday and it was honestly completely needed - it's always good to be reminded that no matter how stressed/upset/low you feel that things will get better - positivity is definitely helpful! Pinterest makes for great procrastination, too...

If you have any tips yourself, let me know! Good Luck to anyone doing exams (or if you've already done them, good luck for your results!) and I hope you have a good rest of the week...
Becky xx

*both quote photos taken from the internet and do not belong to me*


  1. Love this post, last year I was stuck in a job I hated, crying every single day with a hideous manager who treated us like crap! fast forward a year and I'm in a much better place with a lovely manager and a job I enjoy, nothing lasts forever and how you feel now is always temporary :)

    Also loving this idea of doggy de-stress haha!

    1. Thank you lovely! That's such a great piece of advice - I definitely need to remember that more often! Doggy de-stress was pretty great, and it raised money for the guide dogs, too! Win-win haha x


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