The Place: Anglesey

If you follow me on any form of social media or saw my latest outfit post here, you'll probably have seen I was away by the seaside last week - we were lucky enough to have a house right on the beach with amazing views and an all-round relaxing atmosphere... It certainly made revision that bit better! I'd thought I'd do a round up of all the places we visited, including food, visits and everything in between in one post, so here goes...

On the Sunday we met up with family friends (who I haven't seen for ages!) and they suggested the White Eagle in Rhoscolyn, a place at the North of the island. It was a lovely pub and whilst unfortunately they'd run out of mussels, the food was delicious and the staff lovely.

It was my Aunt's 50th whilst we were on the island, so we celebrated by heading to the Oyster Catcher in Rhosneigr - a highly publicised restaurant that was about 5 minutes from our house and is also owned by the same people as the White Eagle! Whilst the service was good, this was actually my least favourite of all the restaurants we visited; not only did my Mum get a highly disappointing piece of veal, which was admittedly dealt with well, the overall food standard was not as high as its sister pub. Despite that, my Aunt still enjoyed her birthday, especially as she got a free Mojito and cocktail class! 

On our final night we headed to Y Goron in Aberffraw - purely because it was showing the Liverpool game! Whilst our reasons weren't necessarily conventional, this was actually our favourite place to eat out at. The service, as expected within a pub rather than restaurant, may not have been quite on par with the other two places, the food was delicious as well as inexpensive! I had the Chilli con carne (I had to add extra Tabasco as I'm such a spice-lover) and I couldn't recommend that enough, plus I've never seen Hoisin Duck Wraps as a starter before and they were totally worth it!
Red Boat Gelato was honestly one of the best ice cream parlours I've ever been to! It had some pretty inventive flavours (pesto, anyone?) but the consistency of the ice cream, along with the waffle cones and the decor and staff made this place one of my favourite things about the island (sad, but true!) - plus their hot chocolates are pretty darn great, too! I went 3 times, just saying...

Trips and Tours

It's definitely worth doing a Puffin Island boat tour; whilst we unfortunately didn't see any puffins (ironic, eh?), we saw a huge number of seals and other birds, as well as learning about the history of the places that we passed on the way out and back. Perhaps not suitable for those that get sea sick - the waves were rather rough - but I'd highly recommend going through Starida Puffin Island Cruises and Sea Fishing Trips.

Places to Visit
Beaumaris Castle was amazing - whilst it was never completed and may seem a little 'short' - yes that is a quote that I made - it was a great way to fulfil my exploring needs... there were so many nooks and crannies that made me feel about 10 again as I discovered them! You also can learn a lot more about the history of the island and the area, so it's definitely a recommended day out from me!
If you've ever wanted to see a fully functioning windmill, Llynon mill is the place to go; whilst unfortunately the wind wasn't quite right for us to see it in all its glory, we were able to climb up inside the mill, as well as ask any questions we wanted. There's also a site showing ancient Celtic huts and there are various replicas of weapons that date back to before Roman times!

I may be biased, considering we effectively lived on Rhosneigr Beach for a week, but I was blown away with how pretty it was! It was extremely windy, however most days we got good enough weather to be able to stroll along the beach - my brother often went off and found amazing places and historical items! 

There's a round up of what we got up to and what we did and didn't enjoy! Have you been to Anglesey - if so leave some of your suggestions below... I have to admit I'm missing being so close to the sea view already! 
Becky xx


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