The New Thing: MAC Creme In Your Coffee

I caved. Again. I know that I don't need any more lipsticks, but when I saw this shade on a member of my family at the beginning of April, it's safe to say I knew I needed this in my life. Introducing my latest MAC lipstick: Creme in your Coffee.
It's a creme sheen formula, which, as with Creme Cup (my first MAC lipstick purchase), I love for the comfortability and moisturising feeling. Creme in your Coffee is the perfect amount of brown-toned mixed with pink; it's similar to Twig, which as you know if you're an avid reader of my blog, I'm obsessed with - it's just slightly more maroon-based if you understand what I mean. (Let's face it, you probably don't, so just cast your eyes to the photo of the swatches below!)

As with any creamier finish, the wear is a little less durable than something like a matte lipstick, however I found I don't need to touch this up as much as I'd thought; because it's a darker colour than Creme Cup, it seems to last a little longer without looking patchy! I keep getting a lot of compliments when I wear this, and whilst I thought it may be difficult to wear this as it's relatively dark, I've manage to wear it both during the day as well as going out - I love it when a lipstick is so versatile!
I'm so glad that I've expanded my MAC lipstick collection further, especially with a shade that doesn't seem to get much air time but I love already! Let me know in the comments if you have more shade recommendations, have a good bank holiday weekend!
Becky xx


  1. What a gorgeous shade, it really looks lovely on you! x


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