The Experience: Tragus Piercing

 At the start of the second term of Uni, I decided I was going to get the piercing I've wanted for about 2 years and in the process persuaded two of my flat mates to follow suit. Having researched a few places near by, we opted to go to Blue Banana in Coventry as it is a nationwide brand so we knew it would be somewhere with helpful advice, hygienic and yet still wasn't extortionate in price... I thought that the best way to do this post would be a lost like a Q&A, answering the questions I wanted to know beforehand or during the healing process, as well as the questions I've been asked by my friends and family...

The day it was done, note some swelling - it did get more swollen than this, though!

How much did it cost?
One of my friends got her second holes done for £30, whilst my other friend and I got ours (both were cartilage piercings - her's a helix, mine my tragus) for £20. They often have some sort of offer on - we got a free aftercare kit if we signed up online - so I'd keep an eye on their website here!

Did it hurt?
Yes. There's no point in sugar coating it, it hurt like nothing else - it's completely different to getting your lobes done. The whole process is done with a needle instead of a gun (if anyone puts a gun near any cartilage, ask them what they're doing straight away!) and so takes a lot longer. My piercer was extremely good and efficient but even she admitted it was painful... the guy who had it done about 5 minutes before came out crying!

Is it fiddly? 
Again, yes, but it's definitely worth it! The worst part about it is trying to clean it when you can't take it out (it's a lot easier now I can) so I'd suggest that you get a friend to check inside your ear that you're not missing any areas completely. Also, the screw ball part of the earring when I'm putting it back in seems to need a knack which I don't possess just yet!

What metal did you have it done with?
Titanium. It's the least likely to flare up, and I'd highly recommend it. Whilst I still had some irritation - I'm fairly sure you're going to anyway purely of where it is - it seemed to calm down again after some intensive cleaning and tea tree oil application relatively quickly. 
What it looks likes now, completely healed!
How was the healing process?
As I said above, mine has flared up and become irritated a few times during the 10 weeks of healing. It has bled, oozed some questionable liquid and swollen a few times, but after a couple of days it calmed down again. Again, I think that's relatively normal, although if anything lasts longer than a week, I'd suggest going back to your piercer. From the placement in your ear, it's quite easy to knock it (and if you're like me, it's easy to play with, too!) and so I think any short periods of irritation is kind of expected!

What aftercare did you use?
I used diluted tea tree oil and hot water with sea salt on mine. I used a cotton bud to clean around and then soaked cotton pads in the saline solution and held it on it for a couple of minutes. I did this (most days) twice a day, but by the end of the 10 weeks I was down to once a day!

What's it like to sleep on?
I know some people hate sleeping on their lobe piercings, but I'm indifferent when it comes to that. I remember in the first week and a half it wasn't possible, it just hurt too much unless I managed to find some weird position on my right side. After that though it's been absolutely fine to sleep on - honestly I don't notice it!
Can you use earphones?
I was reluctant to try this for the first few weeks as I didn't want to infect or irritate the area, however after about week 6 I thought I'd give it a go! It's fine, it looks a little strange as the piercing is pushed right to the front, but it's not uncomfortable!

Do you want any more piercings?
I want my Helix pierced on my left ear and then I think that's me. I love piercings and think they're a great accessory - plus they're far less permanent than a tattoo!

Have you got your tragus pierced and have any useful tips or want this done? If so leave a comment below! Have a good week...
Becky xx


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