Surviving University Balls/Proms

This time last week, my flat mates and I were at the HistSoc ball - yes, only 4 out of the 11 of us study history, but it was fun! We had a wonderful time and the food and atmosphere did not disappoint... whilst the drinks were rather pricey (especially for us students!), the rest of the evening was pretty great value for money. I thought I just share my best tips for how to 'do' a ball or prom, ways to save some dollar and save you from panicking on the day...

  1. YouTube is your best friend - I often watch videos for hair and make up inspiration. Whether you know what sort of look you're going for (that's usually me!) or whether you require pure creativity! 
  2. Borrow from your family and friends - It's amazing what other people's wardrobes hold and how much their bits and bobs could save you from purchasing a bunch of stuff you might never wear again.
  3. Be prepared - Make sure you have a large enough supply of things that you'll need - I'm talking hairspray, bobby pins, clear elastics, make up, cotton buds (just in case the winged liner goes pear shaped!) and anything else you may use. You may also want to practice your hair and/or make up before hand just so you know what you're doing on the day. 
  4. Allow plenty of time - there's nothing worse than rushing to get ready. I must confess we probably spent too long chatting whilst curling each other's hair to realise we could probably have been doing our make up at the same time! 
  5. Take spares - usually I throw concealer, powder, mascara and my lipstick in to my clutch bag so that I've got all the bases covered in terms of touch ups. If you know that any other make up you wear comes off after a couple of hours (I know some brands of eyeliner does etc.) then through that in too.
  6. Make sure your phone is charged - photos are one the most important parts of attending a ball and you don't want to be stuck with none because your phone ran out of charge! 
  7. Take in the atmosphere - and have fun! Especially for us Uni students, I think the best part was having a 3 course meal that was so filling, but the dancing, selfie sticks and Photo booth were pretty great too!
...And if you still haven't bought your dress yet, then here are a few of my favourites!

If you have any other hacks or tips, let me know! See my other Prom Prep 101 post here.I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend... also for anyone interested our ball was at Chesford Grange in Kenilworth and I'd highly recommend! 
Becky xx


  1. i love these photos,and i think that they are art

  2. Some beauties with some cute dresses. It's so nice. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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