Adele 25 Tour

Yesterday was a hugely anticipated day for me - not only was it the day I came home from a rather stressful term from University, but I got to see one of my all time favourite singers! I've been an Adele fan since 19 was released - Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory have never left my favourite songs list since. Having tried, and failing, to get my own tickets for the shows in Birmingham and London, I wasn't best pleased (just ask my flatmate!) but when my Dad surprised our family with tickets a couple of days after Christmas - he'd got them at the beginning of December but just thought he wouldn't disclose this information - I couldn't contain my excitement...

Despite what she may seem like from her songs, Adele is extremely upbeat, happy and extremely positive - it's definitely a huge part of what made the show so entertaining. She's an incredibly talented singer - there's no doubt about that - but the between song chatter that can sometimes be a bit mundane (just like those small talk situations where you only talk about the weather) was bloody hilarious. Her laugh is infectious, her swearing wasn't lacking (she apologised to her Nan several times "Sorry Nan, I am who I am") and her anecdotes personal - there's no doubt that each concert will be different to the last! Her rapport and interaction with the audience was unique (and so sassy!) - I haven't seen anyone else like it!

As my Mum said, it's possibly one of the only concerts I've ever been to where I knew every single song - and whilst I was disappointed she didn't perform Daydreamer (her acrylic nails break the guitar strings and she'd rather have "ghetto" nails rather than "potato fingers"!) or Turning Tables, I was not disappointed by the set. She did a great mixture of old and new songs, and she also talked about almost every song with a bit of background or what it means to her... and for those of you who were waiting to find out - yes, I did cry and I'm not ashamed of it! 

The staging seemed a little small to start off with - one main stage that was in a triangular shape and then a smaller stage in the middle of the arena -  but it was perfect for the set, as well. The visual effects on the screen behind her were amazing, definitely didn't detract or distract you from the performance (there were no big screens) and were extremely effective. She did a couple of more intimate performances for Million Years Ago and Don't You Remember, as well as larger numbers, such as Skyfall, with her entire band (violins and all) on display! It was certainly engrossing and the songs were even more powerful in the flesh. Also, can we just appreciate her Burberry custom made dress that she's going to be wearing at each concert - it was stunning!

If you were lucky enough to get tickets - have a wonderful time, I wish I could do it all over again - I know some people were dubious about the price, but it was certainly worth it in my opinion. For those of you who weren't successful, I'm hoping that she releases a DVD and I'd highly suggest that you buy it if she does!
As you can probably tell, I had the best time and I still can't quite believe that I've finally seen her performing - although it has now made me more desperate than ever to meet and befriend her! Apologies for all the fan-girling...Have a wonderful week! 
Becky xx


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