New blog post concept coming your way - yay! Being the typical students that my flat mates and I are, we've watched a fair amount of TV and film recently, so it kind of inspired me to do a whole post about what I've seen, summing up whether it was worth it (or not in some cases) and a mini review.

Having been ill yesterday and not up for doing any work - albeit due to the overconsumption of alcohol on Tuesday night - I've finally caught up on the latest episodes of the BBC One drama. Whilst this programme holds a special place in my heart and I'm finding it incredibly interesting with the relation to history and Thalidomide, I don't think this series is as good as previous ones (in fact I think it's gone a bit down hill since Jenny left). If you fancy something to watch on a Sunday or if you're like me and want a decent yet fairly easy watch, this is for you!

Yes, I mentioned this in my January Favourites, but it definitely deserves another mention. An addictive watch for us, and with the increasingly complex and somewhat creepy plots, this just keeps getting better and better. Plus, David Caves - can't go wrong, really!

Finally, I've seen the new film with the wondrous trio that is J-Law, Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro and whilst I came out of the film feeling extremely inspired, I found the actual plot to be a little under par. Some parts of the movie were completely gripping, but I think some parts of it did get a bit dull or lose my attention slightly - which does put me off a film a bit. Whilst I definitely think anyone, especially those with their own business or start-up idea in hand, should see this and perhaps take the less interesting parts with a pinch of salt - although I suppose it's a more realistic depiction of reality!

One of my favourite rom-com films is certainly this one, purely because it's so eccentric, heart-breaking, inspiring and not too predictable for a chick flick! I think sometimes we don't take time for granted enough and live in the moment and this film highlights that concept perfectly - even my flat mate who is, unlike me, not the biggest fan of this genre enjoyed this!

A new watch for me, despite it being released nearly 2 years ago. I was recommended this by one of my friends last September and have only just got round to watching it! Whilst it may sound a little odd and not that exciting when you try and describe the plot to someone, it's certainly a feel good film and is a very good watch! I probably wouldn't watch it again in the near future, but I'd suggest that you see it at least once.

Naturally there are a few of the Academy Award Nominations that I want to see, including Room, The Danish Girl and The Big Short, but of course any other recommendations would be much appreciated! I hope you've had a lovely week...
Becky xx


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