Hamburg: The Sights

I've just returned from Hamburg with some of the members of German Society at Uni on 'tour'. The concept of it is rather simple - spend 5 days experiencing the city with the minimal amount of sleep possible and the maximum amount of time spent eating, drinking and being ultimately touristy. Whilst I've got another post lined up telling you what we did in terms of the first two, I thought I'd round up the places we visited during the day.

The first night we were in Hamburg was an all nighted, however it was definitely worth it as we ended up in the Fish Market at 5.30 in the morning! What a sight it was - although there wasn't that many fish market stalls, there were a lot of fruit, veg and clothing as well as much needed coffee and hot chocolate - as the Germans start yelling enthusiastically as you pass. I have to admit the fish sandwich I got was delicious, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't because I had the munchies after consuming a considerable amount of alcohol!

Hagenbeck Zoo
A classic tourist sight for any city, this one is pretty impressive with it having the likes of Polar Bears, Brown Bears, a Tiger, Lions and the cutest Elephants! I love a trip to the zoo and this was no exception - a worthwhile visit for any age, I'd say... Also shout out to the goat that tried to eat my map out of my pocket!
There's nothing like the continental chocolate and I do enjoy an interactive museum. This was the place led to the most laughs as we were adamant we didn’t need the English guide to the tour (I was surrounded by second year German students), yet when it came to one interactive exhibition we definitely didn’t realize you were supposed to smell the leavers! Despite us making a mockery of the English population slightly, we got a lot for our money, including making our own chocolate bar – you’d be silly not to go!

St Michael's Kirche
Possibly the best view of the city and we were extremely lucky we went on the clearest day we were in Germany (it’s very very cold in Hamburg and snowed a few times over the 5 days!). Having climbed the 250 or so stairs to the top – there is a lift, too – we were amazed by the many photo opportunities that we were faced with! Another one that is worth the visit…

The next two I didn’t actually go to myself but some of the group did and raved about them both!

Miniatur Wunderland
An amazing exhibition of miniature landscapes of almost anything – the photos remind me a bit of the ones in LegoLand! Melissa (who is a fellow blogger and also went on the trip) has some pretty great photos over on her blog here.

Dialog im Dunkel
This is the one thing that if I’d had more time, I’d have done. A walking experience in the complete pitch black for about an hour and half to show you what being blind would be like. The best thing? It’s completely run by blind people. You are led through many different scenarios and can even go to a cafĂ© in the pitch black – I’m still wondering how they know you’ve paid correctly!

It’s safe to say we had a wonderful trip to Hamburg and whilst the food, drink and going out was a highlight (just you wait until my next post!) the touristy day time trips were well worth it! I hope you have a great weekend…

Becky xx


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