Hamburg: The Food, Drink and Going Out

The second of the Hamburg posts is here and this time we're talking food, drink and going out - and why not, considering they're three of my favourite things! Hamburg, whilst not the cheapest of places, has an excessive amount of cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs (ah, the infamous Reeperbahn!) so I thought I'd let you know where we ended up going and what was good and what wasn't...

Cafes and Restaurants

Schanz-Elysee - SchanzenStrasse 3
We went for a hot chocolate at this lovely, cosy cafe that was near our hostel on the Sunday! The poor guy had to make 15 hot drinks consecutively but each was really yummy and his service was decent, especially for such a small place... the 'croques', whilst none of us had one, also looked pretty great!

Schanzen B├Ąckerei 
Whilst this is actually a chain of bakeries, the bulgar salad that I had was actually super delicious! If you're in need of something quick and are in the vicinity, a trip to one of these shouldn't disappoint - especially with their array of pastries, sandwiches and cakes as well!
Cafe Sul
Our nearest cafe, we came here for breakfast everyday! The fresh sandwiches, pizzas, bread and cakes all were extremely tasty and I'd highly recommend... this also gets a huge recommendation from basically everyone that went on the trip!

Frank und Frei 
Another German delicacy which I was desperate to have whilst in the country was of course Schnitzel, and whilst the service here wasn't particularly fast, the food was pretty great and the value for money was possibly one of the best I'd seen at a restaurant in the area!
Koerri Deutschland
Our last meal was all together spent in this restaurant. The food was really decently priced and tasted really great - whilst it wasn't some of the most German food I'd had on the trip it was a great way to end the trip and the staff and service was pretty good when it came down to serving 37 of us!

Bars and Clubs

An insanely psychedelic bar which is themed around a beach and beach huts right by the waterfront. Whilst the cocktails were fairly pricey, they were definitely worth it - I'd highly recommend the Liebe am Strand! The theming was seriously great and I'd highly suggest going for their burger if you want to eat as well - when better to have a hamburger than in Hamburg?!

To be honest we found ourselves in a fair amount of bars and clubs due to the abundance of choice we had (and we did go on a bar crawl one night, too!) - whilst partially I can't remember the majority of the names as I was a little tipsy, there were a fair few and I wasn't really thinking about taking pictures so that I'd be able to write a blog post! I'd highly recommend a trip to the Kiez/Reeperbahn even if it's just to see it and we found that trying a couple of bars/clubs was the best way to do it if you want a night out... also just remember things don't start livening up until about 1am in Hamburg so take that into consideration when planning your night time activities!

I hope you liked finding out what else we got up to in Hamburg - for my other post you can click here! Sorry for such a late post, I've had a rather hectic week - have a good week! 
Becky xx


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