So I may not be as well established as glossy magazines and extremely popular bloggers, but there is one thing I can do just as well: share my opinion - and lots of it! In the past year I've made some pretty amazing beauty discoveries, as well as holding onto some long term favourites that I just keep on reaching for... what better way to share them than by doing another year's round up of the best beauty products!

Best concealer: Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in Fair/Light (not in the UK - boo!)

This combination gives you a non-red, medium to high coverage that still has a natural finish and not too heavy feel to it... what more could you want?!

Best eyeshadow palette: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
Best single eyeshadow: L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush (another only in the US)
All of these products are super long wearing, especially now that I've found two cream products that I love. This year I've also fallen in love with the rusty-brown tones and all of these deliver with a lot of ease, which is perfect for me!

I love these four due to the fact that they're so versatile - the mascara, eyeliner and brow gel can all be used in a variety of ways to achieve a more natural look or the full shebang! What's more, the Tanya Burr lashes are the easiest lashes I've found to apply and just add a little bit of fluttery goodness...
Best blush: Tarte Cosmetics 24hr Blush in Captivating (available to order on Sephora)
Best bronzer/contour: e.l.f. Studio Cool Bronzer (this is finally back online!!)
Having got this blush in the summer after our trip to America, I have worn it a tonne and yet I haven't even formed a dent on the product, which to me is great value for money! The other two are long-time favourites that I always go back to and am never disappointed, plus the e.l.f compact is back online now so I couldn't be happier!!

I've babbled about all three of these over the past year so you're probably not surprised about these choices - proof that they just have to be featured! 
Best skincare: Sephora Lotus Eye Mask
I finally got round to using the eye mask at the beginning of December, and my eye area is still thanking me for it - less bags, a smoother area that my concealer blends into a lot easier and the process was highly relaxing! I couldn't choose just one brush so I had to feature them both; the face brush has made a great replacement for my dying buffing brush and I'm highly impressed by the finish, whilst the blending brush makes creating eye looks a lot easier!

So there's my round up of my favourite beauty products in 2015 - are any of your favourites featured? Have a great week!
Becky xx


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