Hello! I hope you've all had the most wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating the New Year! I've seen some amazing posts in the past couple of days, but my favourite ones to read were certainly those that I could have a peek at what everyone else got for Christmas, so I thought I'd do a similar sort of thing, because I know several of you will be just as nosey as me!

Tiffany "Return to Tiffany Circle Duo Pendant in Silver and RUBEDO" Necklace
This was the biggest surprise - I'd seen this in New York and somehow managed to dissuade myself from buying it as I'd already spent a small fortune in the U.S. by that point! However, luckily for me my parents treated me to it and I've worn it everyday since...

Pandora Star Stud Earrings
These were another generous gift form some close family friends and I instantly fell in love. They're simple enough that I can wear them everyday but because they are stones they catch the light and just a little bit of oomph! Again, I haven't worn anything else in my ears since getting these - a major hit in my eyes!

Accessorize Aztec Necklace
Typically I can't find a link to this online, but I've found a similar one here! This was another necklace, like the one I got for my birthday, that I saw before going to Uni and my Mum managed to get her hands on it... another one that I'll be wearing a lot, no doubt!


Adele 25
FINALLY I can listen to her entire album and boy does it live up to the hype! An excellent selection of songs that aren't all that sad but still get me emotional - I don't know how she does it... a must have!

Marks and Spencers Slippers
These cute little booties are the perfect replacement for my near-dead pair that I had prior to the other day! They're super fluffy inside, too so they definitely will be a necessity for when I go back to uni where my feet seem to be cold 90% of the time!

Emma Bridgewater Diary
As I wrote in my December Favourites post here, I've been loving having a diary to make note of everything that's going on in my life, especially deadlines, so this was a very practical, but lovely present in my stocking! Who doesn't love a good bit of Emma Bridgewater stationery?!
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in "Stoned Rose"
My first taste of the rose gold lushness that is the CT packaging and I couldn't be more in love! The colour and formula of this lipstick are so divine - a true make up fan's dream and consequently I was in shock when I opened this from some of my favourite family friends! Expect a full review soon...

FUSE by Sensationail Colours in "Polar Bare", "E-motion", "Intens-so-fly" and "Na-No-Way"
I got this kit for my birthday and have been testing it for a while so that I can do an in-depth review hence why it hasn't been featured before! I got some additional shades in my stocking so of course I'll be trying them out too and letting you know how I get on - so far I'm loving the machine and it makes an impatient like me one hundred times more likely to have painted nails!
M&S Grey Suede Block Heel boots
I've been on the look out for some grey/taupe boots for a while and when I finally saw these on M&S website they went straight on my Christmas list! They're actually really comfortable and look great with jeans or a skirt and tights so I'm chuffed to bits with these!

Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Parka coat
Again, another thing I'd been looking a long time for; a khaki, cotton twill rather than nylon parka that didn't look like a tent! I saw this in Miss Selfridge mid December but at £70 I didn't snap it up straight away... but the next day an email came through from MS with 50% off Parka Coats PLUS 15% Student Discount, so how could I not resist buying this for myself and getting Mum to reimburse and wrap it up?!

F&F Checked Grey Cape
This was featured in my Wishlist Post here and Mum I think got the hint - I wore this on Christmas day and to the cinema, so its versatility cannot be faulted! I can tell I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this as it's so warm, plus it's what my brother would call "very fashion"!

Socks and Knickers
You can never have too many of either, especially when you're a uni student like me and these were probably the most appreciated they've ever been this year!

I hope you got some lovely gifts too, now I'm off to indulge in yet more chocolate - it's Christmas after all, and if you can't do it at Christmas, when can you?! Have a great evening! 
Becky xx


  1. I absolutely love my charlotte tilbury lipstick, stoned rose is definitely on my to try list.
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. I've fallen in love with mine! It's a beauty x


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