I have to admit, Christmas has been a strange one for me this year! At Uni we started getting festive pretty early as we only had 12 days to share it with each other; however as soon as I got home I kind of lost my Christmas spirit for a while, although I'm glad to say it's back again having done a few of my favourite Christmassy things that I featured in this post here! I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I've been obsessed with this month, as well as wishing you all a very Merry Christmas...


I've been trialling this out over the past month or so and it's been a lovely surprise! My skin feels a lot smoother and softer than it did, but what's impressed me most is the fact that it really is light weight - it just sinks into the skin really quickly and doesn't feel heavy or leave residue. I definitely felt that I needed something different in my skincare routine and this has definitely done the job!

I know I featured this in my Christmas Make Up Essentials post but I just couldn't not put this in - it's one of my new favourites that is used almost every time I'm doing a full face of make up; it just doesn't look as good without it now! Whilst it's well priced, there is no sign of chunky glitter and it doesn't make you look a sweaty, shiny mess; what more could you want from a glow-inducing product?! 

Roll Necks (Bottom to top: Next Rib Roll Neck, Next, Boutique of Molly 'Beri' Poncho)
My most worn items of clothing have been those with roll necks - they just always call out to me! The grey next one I got back in early October - see it in my Autumn haul here - and I have worn it non stop (and that's not just because it doesn't need to be ironed!) and the Boutique of Molly cape is just the snuggliest thing - see more of it here! My favourite though has to be the monochrome next jumper that I got last year for Christmas - it's just so versatile and it's my go to knitwear piece at the moment... I realise that this is now unavailable but there's a similar sort of thing here and here!

Pumps have become my go-to shoe for going out in at Uni - it's definitely not as dressy as Essex (ha!) - and so when I saw these ones in the New Look sale I knew I should snap them up. At only £10, they  look great with almost anything... I almost always have a pair of loafer pumps from New Look in my wardrobe and yet again I'm so glad they didn't disappoint! 


The V&A Museum and London in General
I went to London with my Mum on Tuesday which is another of my favourite things to do this time of year - all of the lights and the scale of Christmas decoration in the shops just makes me happy (sad, but true!). We went to visit the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition at the V&A and boy was it amazing; I saw the real-life slipper that Lily James wore in Cinderella as well as so many amazing shoes that I'd LOVE to be able to afford! I'd highly recommend this for any shoe or fashion obsessed person, although be warned you may come out feeling your wish list become A LOT longer... what's more we also ended up wandering around Covent Garden seeing all of the lights - of course we had to stop off in a few shops but unfortunately nothing was purchased (again, I'd seriously recommend going to the Kate Spade Covent Garden store - the staff in there are so so lovely!). 
I don't think I've ever been more in love with a phone case than right now... after my last one that featured a Banksy print fell apart, although luckily the metal artwork was salvageable, I desperately needed a replacement. Having got back from Uni to my Mum and Brother getting new phones and thus new cases, I was inspired by their cartoon transparent ones and then happened upon my new one! It's just so me - I love these types of sketches - and I actually really like that you can see the phone underneath; plus it's so much slimmer than my old case, but it still feels like it will protect my phone from my clumsiness... Free (and very fast) delivery with prime makes this even more of a favourite this month!

December has been a busy month for me, and whilst I often put things in my phone, I've loved having a diary to write everything in for this year, particularly since I've gone to uni. This has such a great layout and has been super useful so of course it had to feature!

I hope you've enjoyed finding out what I've loved this month! All that's left for me to say is that I wish you all the most amazing Christmas spent with loved ones, friends and family... I can't wait to see all of mine! If you're feeling lucky, don't forget to enter my Outfit Voucher Giveaway and I shall no doubt have a post up soon detailing all about my festivities!

Becky xx


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