Christmas Make Up Essentials

It's only 5 days until Christmas... yay! I've been wanting to do this post for a while, but having been out with a more festive make up look more often in the last week, I thought now was the perfect time to do so as I've put multiple items to the test. I've found that a glittery eye make up look, dewy skin and a bold lip is the perfect combination which is even better when you can make it long wearing and practical!


Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm
This has the perfect amount of iridescent glow that gives you the ideal 'glow from within' look - I find that I don't look too shiny with it, especially if I focus on placing it tactically (usually on my cheeks, centre of my forehead, down my nose and chin)! What's more, it has the most lovely moisturising texture to it that it is pretty tempting to slap it all over, although then maybe I would look a bit too much like a vampire if the sun caught me!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation
The perfect full coverage foundation that isn't cakey and looks completely natural! One of my favourite foundations of all time as it doesn't oxidise, is super comfortable on the skin, blends beautifully and is very easy to apply... what more could you want?

Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush 'Live Pink'
The perfect sparkly pink-gold blush that brings everything together, plus it is only £3.99 and it lasts for ages! 

Benefit Gimme Brow 'Medium/Deep'
The perfect product for the natural-looking brow. I never used to care much about my brows but I've now realised how much doing them really does help to shape the face, and this is the product I go back to every time! 
As seen in my MAC haul post here, this is a relatively new product for me but certainly deserves to be mentioned. It gets rid of any veins, makes colours more vibrant and ensures that your eyeshadow lasts a heck of a long time - perfect for the party season! 

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow 'Amber Rush'
This is the most glittery eyeshadow I've ever bought and so what better time of year to wear it than at Christmas? It's on trend as it's that rusty-brown colour that makes the bog-standard gold shimmery eye a little different - and that's exactly what I love about this!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Still my favourite palette I own! It's versatility (it has almost any colour you could ask for), it's pigmentation and it's formula all mean I can create a much better eye look than I ever thought my ability could manage!
These are lovely natural looking lashes that just 'lift' and open up the eyes. They're not exactly expensive either and whilst I don't wear lashes that often - despite being from Essex - these are the ones I reach for!
Every time I put this on I just fall in love with the colour again! It's the perfect gold  that would suit any eye colour, plus the formula and longevity of the product is exceptional. I find it difficult not to reach for this every time I apply my make up and that's high praise and a half! 

L'oreal Superliner 'Black Lacquer'
A great black liner that has a great pigmentation, it lasts for ages and makes achieving the perfect flick easy peasy! 

MAC Twig
I've raved about this a million times but boy do I love this! Whilst it may not be as bright as the other lip products below, it certainly can be used to create a bold look!
I wasn't sure I would believe the hype, but boy do I! It's the perfect purple-berry-red lip product ideal for winter, especially Christmas! What's more, as this wears off it becomes a pretty purple/pink that you don't need to worry about drinking and eating! 
This bright pink is ideal for any time of year but this makes a lovely difference to the classic red that many people wear! I also love the packaging and when is there a better time of year than now to wear luxurious products?
The classic red that I referred to above is definitely this one in my eyes... It may be prices but I love this to pieces! See a more detailed review of this beauty here.

That's my round up of the make up that I've been loving wearing this party season and what no doubt will be on my face this coming Friday! Let me know whether you love any of the products too or what your Christmas make up essentials are... Have a good week getting into the festive spirit!
Becky xx


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