I've been back down South for the weekend - I have to admit it’s a very surreal experience packing to go home as if you’re going on holiday - which made me realise that how long I’ve spent away from home; I’m over halfway through my first term of university already… crazy! With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of things that I’ve learnt/discovered from being at Warwick so far...
1. My procrastination skills are ever evolving
From going to the gym, thinking of blog post idea (although not actually writing them - apologies!), eating, sleeping - the list of activities I've discovered I can do instead of work increases almost daily! I knew that I got distracted easily, but I have to admit I think my flat mates and I are having a secret battle of who's the best procrastinator!

2. You actually have to do work in your first year
"It'll be easy", "It doesn't count anyway", "First year is the best because you don't have to do anything"... all of these are not true. And it's not just my course. I don't think any of us realised how much actual work we'd have to do - refer back to number 1 to discover how long this therefore must take me!

3. Tactical naps are the best newly-discovered necessity
No matter what people say, it's irrelevant if it's not dark outside, it's still a perfect opportunity to sleep. Getting to a 9am after a night out means you deserve that tactical nap, right? 

4. Cooking for yourself is effort
I miss the days where you could just be shouted at to come for dinner then go back to whatever you were doing straight away... Why does cooking good grub take so long?!

5. My immune system is awful
I think I've been healthy for something like 3 days out of the entire time I've been at university - unfortunately for me freshers' flu, unlike the name suggests, didn't just last for freshers' week. The majority of my shopping (other than alcohol) has been tissues, lemsip and paracetemol... yay!

As you can probably tell, they're all pretty great lessons... sorry I haven't been posting much, I still need to try and work out a schedule (oops!). I hope you've had a great weekend!
Becky xx


  1. Lesson 6: it is impossible to make a routine with so many things going on and different people to see!


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