UPDATE 2: 19 before 19

I'm 19... how is that possible?! I remember my 18th as if it was yesterday, and yet it's now been over a year since all of the celebrations that proceeded; although this year was just as fun spent with new friends! Whilst it still may not have completely sunk in yet that I've only under a year until I'm no longer a teenager, I have realised that the time has come to look back over my list of 19 things I wanted to do by the time I was 19 and give you all an update. Let's go...

1. Take up a new hobby
Since my update in January (see that here) I have actually taken up Pilates too - something that I want to continue at Uni, too! 

2. Get good A level grades

Well, being british and all, we're rather modest but I must admit I'm really proud of my grades... we'll leave it at that!

3. Start University

I've been at uni for just over a week and am actually really enjoying it! I've had some fab experiences, met some lovely people and am game for trying every sport/society that's thrown at me from every direction!

4. Go to New York

Squee... the fact I actually did this makes me smile so goofily (imagine me sitting here writing that!). One of my new favourite cities, I'm so glad I've managed to tick this one off!

5. Meet an idol

This is the only one I feel like I haven't properly completed, which is such a massive shame! I dreamt of meeting someone amazing that inspires me almost everyday, and whilst that may not have happened, I think this is still an aspiration of mine for the future!

6. Go on a proper road trip

A road trip between Vegas-Yosemite-San Franciso... What could be better? Doing it in one of the coolest (and biggest) American cars ever! See what else I got up to this summer here.

7. Get to know new people

Of course I've been doing exactly this for the past week or so but I've definitely got to know some amazing new people in the last year as well through trips and other random challenges... definitely a worthwhile thing to do!

8. Become even more confident

Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to settle into uni life without as much drama as I have; I'm actually very impressed with the way I've become more confident, in myself as a person, in terms of public speaking and in terms of body confidence... the latter I particularly owe to this little space on the inter web!

9. Be in a flash mob

Whilst I didn't see one in NYC, I ended up doing a flash mob with my fellow scouts in Sibiu, Romania this summer which was a lot of fun, despite all of the funny looks we received! 

10. Try a new food

Slanina. It's a Romanian delicacy that is basically hydrogenated fat... me neither, I'm still not sure where I stand on that one! Romania was the best place to try new foods but Slanina was definitely the strangest.

11. Vote 

In May I voted in the General Election as well as for my local councillors which, for once, made me feel like I was part of the whole thing! I think taking the opportunity to vote is a very important one (you may even have seen my post on it here) and so I'm glad I didn't let my 18 year old self down in that respect!

12. Buy something designer
Back in January, I told you about my Kate Spade beauty which I treat like my baby (sad, but true)... whilst in America I also bought a few other designer bits including a Nine West over the body bag and a Burberry Lipstick! I know these are a lot of materialistic things to some, but I can't help but appreciate the gorgeous little things!

13. Buy a world map

As I sit typing this, I'm staring at my scratch off map that takes pride on my Uni room wall... I've caught the travel bug well and truly following this summer, so I can't wait to visit a lot more places featured!

14. Improve my cooking skills

A week and a half into Uni and I'm surviving on food that I've cooked... I think that probably speaks for itself! Whilst not everything has turned out great, the recipe book Nosh for Students has saved my life this past week; I couldn't be more grateful!

15. Overcome a challenge to the best of my ability

There have been plenty, but I think that the most impressive challenge was Romania... a 10 day hike around Transylvania without knowing where we were going to walk or sleep until we got to the country, plus my friend had to pull out having broken her knee so it was me and two boys - who I can now consider two of my best friends! One of the best experiences of my life...

16. Start a positivity jar

I've really got into this since the beginning of 2015, so much so I of course I had to bring it to Uni with me! It holds many amazing memories from the past 10 months and I'd recommend to anyone who loves scrap booking or keeping moments to do this as it's so easy and low maintenance!

17. Develop my blog 

Whilst I may have intended to continue with my YouTube channel (I now have an amazing appreciation for vloggers!), I am so so proud of where my blog has taken me. From working with brands such as Magnitone, to creating some of my favourite content, from having an amazing topic to discuss with people to seeing how many of you love it has made this little spot of mine one of the BEST things I've ever done!

18. Make a difference

This year has been filled with an ongoing challenge for me; I've been giving something different up each month. In case you missed any of my posts about it click here (announcement) or here (update)... or donate here! Some things have been so difficult, but I know that it's for 3 brilliant causes and I can't wait to make a difference with your donations!

19. Enjoy every minute 

Cheesy beyond believe, oh young and innocent Becky, but definitely one that I've been trying to stick to! I've been trying to be a more "in the moment" kind of person and not worry so much and I think that's really paid off... I've met some amazing people, had some brilliant laughs and just had the most perfect year (despite all of the work!). 

18/19 isn't bad, wouldn't you say?! Here's to next year... thank you for sticking by me and thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes! Have a great week,
Becky xx


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