My Summer in Pictures 2015

As the first day of Autumn was officially yesterday (yay... time for hot chocolates, berry lips and my massive blanket-scarf!), I thought it was about time to say goodbye to one of the most amazing summers I'm sure I'll ever have... following the success of My Month In Pictures post that I did back in May, I knew that sharing some snapshots of my adventures would be the perfect way to bid farewell to the warmer months! PREPARE TO BE OVERLOADED WITH PHOTOS...

June 19th - My last A Level exam was Economics and the celebrations that proceeded were a little mad!
June 20th - My last 'proper' day at my job as well as a lovely dinner party hosted my friend Natasha, which included this gorgeous chocolate mousse

June 21st - another trip to Le Bouchon in Maldon (see my review here) for Father's Day
June 24th - Prom... check out this post on my look here!
June 25th- July 16th Family Holiday to America - Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Yosemite, San Francisco, New York

We were lucky enough to be in D.C. the day the Gay Marriage Law was passed and so managed to see this amazing site!

A LOT of shopping happened... find out my tips and tricks for shopping in the U.S. here!
Flying over the Grand Canyon

One of the best coffees I've ever had!
Adrenaline-junkie Becky came out whilst in Vegas!
Driving from LV to Yosemite through Nevada
Yosemite was stunning!

In San Francisco, we visited historic sites such as Alcatraz...

... and the house that fronted the school in Princess Diaries *fangirls*

San Francisco was seriously one of the best places we visited...

... and not just because I found a Tee with my life motto on!

Being Blake Lively and reenacting scenes from Gossip Girl was fun in NYC!

 One of the funniest musicals I've ever seen, I'd highly recommend it!
At the top of the One World Trade Centre 

July 17th - A meal out with the people I worked with (featuring some of my favourite winged liner I've ever done!) 

July 20th - I went to the X Factor Auditions at Wembley with my friend Natalie! 

July 24th - I said goodbye to my brother as he headed to the World Scout Jamboree as I packed ready to go to Romania with my district of Scouts

July 25th - August 9th Explorer Belt Expedition in Romania - scouting has led me to experience a huge variety of things, but this was by far one of the best things I've ever done in my life!

 In Bucharest with some of the best people!

 One of our toilets that we had for the night...
Love these two!

August 11th - A day at Colchester Zoo - you're never too old for the zoo!
This sums me up today!

Feeding elephants!

August 12th - A much needed catch up with my friend Euan in the pub led to a few shots...
August 13th - My place at the University of Warwick was confirmed and I got my A level results... which led to a lot of champagne being drunk before going out and celebrating further!

August 15th - 22nd Gold Duke of Edinburgh Hike in the Black Mountains - which was surprisingly good fun, despite the huge amount of rain and the fact that I sprained my wrist!

August 24th - A trip to London to the Southbank (we saw the Decision exhibition by Carsten Hoeller), the IceBar and a lovely French restaurant called Brasserie Zedel
Upside Down goggles meant there were some hilarious photos!

Some of the best fish I've ever tasted!
August 27th - Another trip to London with Mum to see the Commitments (with a yummy dinner at Pizza Express beforehand!)

August 28th - Yet another trip to London, this time to the Sky Garden for Breakfast with some of my favourite people!

August 30th - A day packed full of BBQs over the bank holiday!

August 31st - A rainy day spent with family (I had to take this photo, purely because of how pretty the flowers were!)

September 3rd-10th Holiday with the girls to Tenerife (where this OOTD post was taken)- the most relaxing part of my whole summer!

A ride at Siam Park (the world's number 1 water park) took us under a shark tank...

Tapas in Los Cristianos

The most perfect photogenic location!

Words cannot describe how much fun I had over the summer; some things were challenging, some things were scary but most of all it was an absolute blast and I have got so many great memories, friendships and experiences from it! I hope you've enjoyed finding out about my summer - have a great weekend...
Becky xx

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