Taking Opportunities: Life Right Now

What a hectic past few weeks... I've rather enjoyed myself not blogging (although I miss it constantly) and whilst I could have scheduled things to go up whilst I globe trot - there's still more holidays to come so expect a lack of regular posts for a while - I just hate doing that and would rather the post be fresh in my mind and get straight to you almost instantaneously! 

This post kind of fits in with my ramble above as recently I've been taking advantage of a few rather fabulous opportunities so I thought I would share with you what I've been up to, my new life motto (although it's a rather cliched idea, so be warned!) and how taking opportunities in the past has led me to some rather wonderful places... Why I started with my first post for a while with a wordy one, I'll never know, but I hope you enjoy!

First things first, I'd like to address the most recent development, which is of course going to university; as today is indeed A level results day (I hope you all got what you wanted if you are in a similar position) I have had a rather emotional day as I discovered that I got into Warwick University to study Economics, which was my first choice! A lot of my friends did amazingly well, too - most made their firm offers and I know only a couple that are actually in clearing, which makes this whole thing for me a lot more exciting. 

I know that a lot will change, but this is one that I'm going to embrace fully as right now, I know this is what I want to do - I was fed up with school and feel more independent and confident than I've ever been before! Now that I know where I'm going I'm a lot less nervous about the change and know that there will be so many opportunities flying my way that I'll probably try and do too much - especially if this summer is anything to go by....

Speaking of this summer, I've had - and still have - a jam packed time of it; I most recently came back from Romania with the scouts, which again was one of the best trips I've ever been on. Having caught the bug about 2 years ago having been to Mongolia (you will have seen this if you've been reading my blog from the start!), Scout international trips have given me several opportunities - I'm thinking about writing a whole post on scouting, so let me know if you'd be interested!
I'm now off on Duke of Edinburgh Gold on Saturday for a week, so don't expect much from me again for now but hopefully I'll have a few more posts up in a couple of weeks time; I can't wait to start a University-themed series which should be fun! I know that over the past couple of months the term "everything happens for a reason" has been extremely poignant - it's my new favourite phrase - and that even if the reason isn't imminently clear, it will all work out; taking the opportunities I've had recently have led me to meet some of the most amazing people, to challenge myself and experience things I'd never get to otherwise. 

Again I wish anyone with upcoming results the best of luck! I apologise again in advance for more radio silence... I'll just be off having fun minus the internet. Have a fab weekend!
Becky xx

*both pictures used above do not belong to me; both are from Pinterest*


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