Haulin' U.S.A

This post has been a LONG time coming, and I apologise for the delay, I've been a tad busy... hopefully I'll be a little more organised and actually get posts up more regularly again now! Whilst I was in the U.S. I had a lot on my wish list (see my post here) and I managed to pick up a lot of what I had my eye on for some pretty good bargains, so I thought I'd show you what I got in terms of make up and other random little bits! I also intend to do a more fashion-related post at some point, so keep your eyes peeled there...

High End

I went a bit Sephora mad, I must confess... well and Macy's, Bloomingdales and MAC mad, too - but we won't go into that! I managed to pick up a few things that I've wanted for a while that I couldn't find easily in the UK, couldn't persuade myself to buy normally or just treated myself to a product that I just love (Burberry does that to me - see why here!) and I'm very happy with my bits and bobs; I've been so good not touching them until I photographed them that this morning felt like Christmas as I remembered what I'd got my hands on...

L-R: Bobbi Brown Shadow, MAC All That Glitters, Burberry Kisses Lipstick, MAC Twig, Tarte Blush, Clinique Pop Lip


Visiting the drugstore was one of my most anticipated things to do before I headed out to America (sad, but true!) purely because I knew I could grab a great bargain or two... which thankfully did happen! Thanks to some of the tips I was given (here are some of mine for any of you planning on shopping in the U.S), I managed to get hold of a few coveted items, including NYX which I discovered isn't that easy to find, which makes me very a very happy chappy!

L-R: Maybelline Concealer, Rimmel Concealer, L'oreal Eyeshadow, Covergirl Eyeliner, Sonia Kashuk Bronzing Stick, NYX Lip Cream
Trader Joes: Milk Chocolate Peanut Pretzels, Salt Water Taffy
Ice Breakers Sours (the watermelon ones)
Hard Rock Cafe (Washington D.C.) Shot Glass

In terms of non-beauty/fashion related things I didn't go completely mad, I only ended up picking things up that I knew I liked or that I wanted to try. The Hot Chocolate Powder is utterly divine and if you can get your hands on anything Ghirardelli, I'd seriously recommend it (almost as good as Cadbury's!!), but I have to admit my favourite thing of this photo is the Bloomingdale's pouch just because of it's practical but lovely design - we even ended up getting one for my Nan as a gift, which she loves!

Having recovered from a week hiking in Wales, this post has certainly been a lovely chill-out and has made me realise, that whilst having a break has been lovely, I really have missed blogging! I hope you have a great week - mine is fully booked yet again...
Becky xx


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