The Shopaholic's Guide to America

This is it: the America posts have begun, and what better way to tell you guys how to save money?! I'm a well-known bargain finder and I love going shopping - there's nothing quite like the buzz of finding dance-worthy deals (sad, but true!) - and I've accumulated a few tips and tricks to pass on about saving you some dollar...

Go to the Visitor Center
Places like Macy's and Bloomingdales have visitor centers, which not only allow you to deposit family members who are now fed up of shopping having done it for the past 3 weeks, but also allows you get your hands on some discounts. If you have photo ID with proof that you're from outside of the U.S. You can get a travellers discount coupon with 10% most things in store! Every little helps, right?! 

Check online for deals
Macy's in particular are amazing for online coupons that they have on their offers section. Whilst some are for online only, others can be used in store and can be seriously valuable to use! For example, whilst we were in D.C. I found the above coupon which saved me another 20% off a gorgeous Nine West bag which may be my most coveted item of the entire trip!
Outlets are your best friends
Before heading out to buy something full price have a look to see if there are any outlets near the city. In Washington, Tysons Corner was, although not strictly an outlet, full of shops with sales galore, whilst the North & South outlets in Vegas both had some great bargains; it's always worth a quick Google to see whether there are any near by as they're often better prices than just standard sales!

Find out where the locals shop
Ironically we found a New Yorker who gave us tips for where to shop in the Big Apple when we were in D.C. but she told us about where we should look for good clothes etc. for much better prices, such as the Soho boutiques! 

Remember about Sales Tax
If you're travelling around the country, it may be worth checking what the state tax is in each place so that you can gauge where things will be the best price - that's why I bought a lot of clothes in D.C. And not in California!

Supermarkets and bigger Drugstores often have better prices for cosmetics
Whilst I wasn't able to get to an Ulta (boo!) Michaels, bed bath & beyond (both of these had NYX!), Walgreens and Target were my go to drugstores. I found CVS was a lot more expensive and it was a lot more limited on the items it had! Target was brilliant for price so if you can get to one, I'd highly recommend it.  

Do you have any tips? I'm not sure why but I loved doing this post; perhaps that's because I love talking about shopping! Let me know if you use any of these tips or found them useful; have a great week!
Becky xx


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