The Review: Magnitone Lucid

Skincare, unlike most other beauty bloggers, doesn't particularly interest me; perhaps that's because I've been fairly lucky with my skin, but knowing all about the lotions and potions that people pay good money for doesn't exactly make me jump for joy... saying that though, when there's an opportunity to try out a new gadget that's meant to make you have better looking skin in 7 days - that's a different story!

Thanks to the lovely people over on Everything Cosmetics, I've managed to get my hands on the Magnitone Lucid* to test out for you guys and let you know my thoughts... of which I have a few, so brace yourselves! I've always been intrigued by whether these cleansing brushes actually did anything, or whether they were just another one of those things that companies 
The Good
  • It's pretty much fool-proof to use: there's even a built in timer that tells you when to move onto the next section of your face... plus it only takes 1 minute so is super quick, too!
  • It helps to clear up any white heads extremely efficiently: over the course of the 7 days I seemed to get a few and within a day they'd been removed and had settled down, where as normally that takes a few days at least unless I go to the effort and pop them! 
  • The massage you get from it everyday is super relaxing: just trust me on that one!
  • You can use any cleanser with it: I think this is my favourite thing about this product as I tried oil, foam and cream cleansers and all worked well. Whilst of course you get more of a lather from the last two, the oil on the head meant that I could ensure that I'd removed every little bit of make up on my face - something I do make sure happens when I've had a few heavy make up days on the trot!
  • You can use it in the shower: ultimate lazy girl sitting behind the laptop right now... who doesn't love something that you can use in the shower? It means that you don't have to worry about making a mess when using it!
  • The charger is just amazing: yes a little childish, but a wireless charging port?! SO COOL!
  • It's compact, fairly lightweight and perfect for travelling: if you get one of these and fall in love with it that much that you couldn't bear life without it,  the product would definitely be easy to take away with you!


The Bad
  • I didn't really see a difference in my skin: probably the biggest downfall of the product really. As I said, I'm pretty lucky with my skin and my worst problems are really pigmentation and scarring; both of which haven't seen much of an improvement after 7 days... I do think that my skin is a lot softer, less red and my pores are smaller though, so it's not all bad.
  • It makes a right mess: even on the less vigorous "sensitive" mode, water goes everywhere - not surprising really - and there were a few cleanser marks that I had to make sure I'd wiped off the mirror post-use! 
  • It retails at £70 - you can get it here - and replacement heads are anywhere from £7.50-£20 each depending on type: to put it simply, it's not exactly cheap and cheerful!

The Verdict
Plain and simple? I wouldn't go out and rush to buy this. To me, it's certainly a luxury product and if you're somebody that takes their skincare routine very seriously (I must confess I'm not a religious exfoliator, toner, moisturiser kind of gal!) then this could be perfect for you; it makes it a lot easier and quicker to cleanse and I genuinely loved the feeling of this on my face! What's more I think if you struggle with acne this is the perfect way to exfoliate as it's so gentle and you can use your regular products with it effectively, so that's certainly something to consider... I'm not bowled over by this, but it's certainly not a massive thumbs down either!

Let me know what you make of these kinds of products and whether you have one yourself. Have a lovely weekend...
Becky xx

*PR Sample, however all opinions are my own and true*


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