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Oh blimey, I've missed doing this... I had every intention of blogging whilst I was away, but I honestly didn't have the energy (there was a lot of shopping, walking and eating happening!) so I ended up not going on much social media, hence the radio silence here! However, I'm back with a post that I have been extremely excited about, so let's roll...

I've always been intrigued by personal stylistWhen a lovely email landed in my inbox about the opportunity to try a virtual 'lookbook and personal styling session'*, my intrigue was piqued to say the least! I would never have thought Donna - the lovely lady that owns The Cabin London, a personal styling business - and I would have built up a relationship via email well enough for her to give me such great advice! 

Having emailed Donna back saying I'd be interested she then sent me an email back outlining how the process would work, so I thought I'd share it with you to give you an idea of what it entails...
Initially I had to send Donna a couple of photos of myself in a vest top and leggings so that she could determine my body shape; whilst this was a little strange, I think that this was essential for her, as prior to the experience I didn't even know a "carrot" shape body type existed! 

Along with the photos I had to send her a complete survey all about me, detailing things such as how much I wanted to spend on a complete outfit (as I'm a stingy ol' thing, I said around £200) and who my celebrity style icons were - I included people such as Fearne Cotton, Tanya Burr and Emma Watson. 

A couple of other questions touched on what I like/dislike wearing; how my style could be improved - whilst this may seem a difficult question, I actually found this relatively easy to answer as I want to try and wear more things outside of my comfort zone as well as building up a more capsule wardrobe; what I struggle with when dressing for my body shape etc. In itself just doing the questionnaire made me reflect on my wardrobe and was worth while doing!

After about a week and a half, Donna sent over my Style Analysis; a document that told me how to dress for my body type - an extremely useful thing to have and I used it mentally almost every time I went shopping in the U.S. - as well as a mood board of different outfits and the celebrities I'd mentioned previously. 

I think this is the most crucial point of the process where you have to be honest - in actual fact I think that it's even easier to do via email and not face to face, so that's certainly a plus of doing this digitally - and so she asked for my opinion about the mood board. It was actually pretty perfect; I'm actually half tempted to print it out and put it on my wall, as I love all of the outfits on it - I'm still pretty surprised how accurate it was, but that's certainly a credit to Donna!

It took Donna about an extra week for me to get my look book which she sent by WeTransfer; a free online site that lets you send bigger files and you only have to sign up once to download it and then you're done!

She opted to focus more on pieces for the Autumn time so that I could start to keep an eye out for pieces then, as well as keeping a more "capsule" theme running through the 3 outfits she styled. 

For each outfit she chose a base piece; mine were a blazer, a skater dress and boyfriend jeans - the latter of which I have never owned before and it surprised how much this made me happy! As well as this she went on to explain why each piece worked for me and talking me through the outfit, including accessories and jewellery; all of which I found extremely useful and the tips she included in the file are going to be pulled out every time I go shopping now!

I'd just like to thank Donna for her efficiency (the whole process took about a month to do) and her brilliant hints and tips; the impression I got from her through her emails was lovely and she made the whole thing extremely comfortable and easy to follow. The only downside? I didn't get to meet Donna in person, although perhaps in the future I will. 

The package retails at £50 and I know that if I ever get stuck in a rut, I could always turn to Donna to help me - I know a lot of people who get a personal stylist to do this with them too, so you never know, this could be the way forward if you have a bit more time to spare! I always love to read the fashion request columns in magazines and I've loved getting to receive one for myself... Donna also offers other services here, including a wardrobe detox or special events personal shopping!

Let me know what you think about the idea of doing a digital personal styling session... do you think it would make it easier for you to do? Have a great weekend!
Becky xx

*PR Sample - whilst I did not pay for this service myself, all opinions are true and my own*


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