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There are only a few beauty products that I've repurchased, purely because I like trying out new recommendations and experimenting! Naturally, though, there are some products I just couldn't live without and I think these kinds of posts are really telling about what a person really loves and considers to be a holy grail, so I thought I'd share with you mine...
Seche Vite Top Coat
I'm possibly one of the messiest nail painters (think all over the skin, cuticles and uneven application), however as soon as I put a layer of this over the top, my nails instantly look 100 times better! It has an incredibly glossy look, which I love, and does dry really quickly - which is great for an impatient person like myself... I know this is quite a hyped product, but this is one that I do agree with!
This is possibly the only nail polish colour that I've repurchased! I lost my old one so of course had to buy another one; it's the perfect mix between peach and pink, pale enough to be pastel but doesn't completely wash you out. This shade is so versatile - it looks great layered under glitters and on its own - and looks AMAZING with a tan!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Pencil in Bronze
I've rambled on about this a number of times and it's definitely justified! At only £2.99, it's affordable and surprisingly excellent quality; it lasts a long time, is pretty and can be worn during the day or smoked out for nights out. Apparently it's a dupe for the blogger favourite Teddy eyeliner from MAC, too; what more could you want?

Rimmel mascaras have long been a hit with me, but this one is certainly my favourite. It's a great everyday mascara as it lengthens, separates, holds a curl and can even be used on my bottom lashes as it doesn't smudge! 

Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm in Lychee
This is the best smelling/tasting lip product I own, full stop. The Body Shop Lip Balms are some of my favourite, and have been since I was about 10, but this is just one of those ones I go back to all the time. It isn't tinted, however it contains small flecks of shimmer that are perfect for no make up make up days and for the coming months it will no doubt live in my bag!

Amelia Liana I love you. Having watched a video in which she featured this, I almost ran to Superdrug at my next available moment and purchased this. I wear this on it's own, under glosses, under lipsticks, you name it! It's a great one to have to mix with more brown-nudes to make them more wearable or to add a bit more pigmentation to glosses; either way, this is definitely one to get. The formula is great, it lasts a seriously long time on the lips and is pretty darn affordable!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I've bought this about 4 times now as it sets my make up so beautifully; it doesn't cake on me (especially now that I've started using the MakeUp Revolution Stippling Brush with it), looks super natural and does indeed keep everything mattified and in place! I love the translucent one for setting my foundation, but I also like to take my skin-tone shade all over my face when I can't face wearing liquid foundation as it adds a little summin-summin without being too heavy duty.

I won't babble on too much about this as this is such a blogger favourite, but I love this for blemishes and under the eyes. One of the best everyday concealers I own that blends well on my skin and does an excellent job at evening out my patchy skin tone!

The Body Shop Seaweed Night Treatment
This stuff is something I keep going back to. It mattifies the skin so well that in the morning I don't wake up to an oily mess (mmm, nice!), but instead a well hydrated face that makes it a lot easier to apply make up... I've got a back up ready and waiting for this one just so I'm ready when it runs out!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
I first got this about 4 years ago along with the Cleanse and Polish, and whilst the cleanser didn't do much for me - controversially it broke me out - the toner has never really been replaced. I love the refreshing feel it gives, I like the fact you can see you have properly cleaned your face, particularly post make up, and I don't think I'd feel the same if I didn't use it!

What are your most loved products that you've used up and re-bought? Have a lovely week...
Becky xx


  1. I love Stay Matte, such a great product!

    Lauren x |


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