Prom Prep 101

Last night marked the final event spent with school friends, and it was a brilliant evening filled with glamour, dancing and photos... That being said I found a few helpful tips during preparations to get you there that I thought I'd share with you, especially as I know there are a few this week and next! 

Get your brows done
I had a brow wax and tint the day before, which not only made me feel like a whole new person but also meant I didn't have to worry about filling them in and trying to tame them! 

Get rid of those spots
Cleanse with a gentle cleanser (such as the Zuzka Cleansing Milk* which I love - it feels so lovely on the skin) the night before to prevent any new breakouts, reduce current ones and create the perfect base for your make up! Another tip is to put Sudocreme or toothpaste on any existing spots or scabs as this dries them out and makes them shrink; I go throw phases of loving this or not, but this works wonders if you only do it now and then!

Bronze up if you need to
I almost constantly have a t-shirt tan line (I'm not sure why!) and as I was wearing a sleeveless dress I needed to match my shoulders to the rest of my arms! I'd recommend the Rimmel Instant Tan - there's a review of it here... Make sure you use a body scrub before hand to get rid of any dead skin to prevent it from becoming patchy!

Practice your Hair and Make Up
YouTube videos and Pinterest are great for inspiration, but make sure (especially if you're doing it yourself) you practice - even the day before - so you know you can do it! Getting the right texture is also good so practice where you need to place things such as the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray to get the look you want!

Longevity is key
Hairspray, primer, setting spray - and lots of them! I probably was a bit of a fire risk last night due to how much hairspray was in my hair, but I'm so glad I did as my hair managed to stay in place and not lose too much of a curl. I also tried out the Urban Decay primer potion for my eyeshadow and it worked a treat, especially to prevent creasing (plus it made my shadow look even better!) and then used a fair bit of a setting spray to keep everything in place. I'd recommend taking a compact with you for touch ups, too!

Use luxurious products
You won't be able to dress up this glamorous that often and I think this is the perfect opportunity to whip out some of your favourite and luxurious products; for example I used my Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette and my Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter which I don't often do and I love every minute!

I hope you have a lovely weekend, as you're reading this I'm currently in the U.S. (Wahooooo), so I apologise if my schedule goes out the window over the next couple of weeks! 
Becky xx


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