My Month in Pictures: May 2015

I see a lot of "My week in pictures" posts floating about on the inter webs and love being nosey and seeing what people have been up to! As I only post twice a week I never have enough time/content to do them; however, I thought as May had been such a busy and hectic month, I decided I wanted to document it on here so that you can take a glimpse at what life for me currently looks like! 

The first May Bank Holiday was spent with family up near Nottingham, and it's safe to say that we had a blast! The sun was out for most of the weekend - thank goodness - and I got to see my cousin in her dance show, which was amazing! 

Duncan (my brother) left his school for study leave - he's doing GCSEs - on the 7th May, so of course there had to be a little throwback from us in primary school!

It was then my turn to start the countdown to leaving school, and if you read my post here, then you'll know that we dressed up as something for our last 5 days... this was my take on something beginning with 'C'!

It was then one of my best friend's birthday and we got to celebrate with pizza, prosecco and a l'il bit of South African Creme Soda (it looks radioactive, tastes of sugar but is so good!)...

Dress - Oasis
I bid farewell to CCHS with a smile upon my face - which was a surprise to everyone, including myself! 7 years have flown by, and I don't think that'll sink in until exams are done... 

 On Friday 22nd May, my Mum, Dad and I all attended a banquet at Mansion House with my Grandparents (I was invited as I'm now over 18); it was honestly stunning and if you ever have the chance to visit, I'd certainly urge you to do so! The food was delicious, it was lovely to get all dressed up and spend the evening with my Grandparents - the perks of having a Granddad with an OBE, eh?!

This was possibly the most exciting thing to come out of half term - I'm finally super excited to be going to Romania at the end of July! This is a photo of what we're going to have to record in a log book, as the reason I'm going is in order to achieve the Explorer Belt award in Scouting - it's going to be challenging but extremely valuable, I can tell!
Leading on perfectly from the previous snap, this is a quote that I put on Instagram (@becanablog) a couple of weeks ago... seeing this made me so excited for all of my travels this summer; don't worry, I'm hoping to document everything on here!

As a break from revision, I've finally got around to watching Game of Thrones... I've nearly finished season 1 and I'm hooked! 

 Despite the chocolate in the above picture, I've been trying to be more healthy over study leave and so having discovered this Banana and Blueberry Pancake recipe from J.Lo's BodyLab website, I thought I'd give it a go; they're super yummy and I didn't feel AS guilty when tucking into them!
 Another healthier breakfast was this; Avocado on Ryvita, Mixed berries and a Spinach, Banana and Pineapple smoothie. I've been loving my Kenwood Smoothie2go blender - it was even mentioned in my May favourites - and Avocado is my food of the moment, I've been eating it with almost everything!
 I've been trying to do more walks, too (not only for the fitness side, but to break my hiking boots in even more, so that they're ready for the summer!) and I just had to take this snap! 

 As May drew to a close, I enjoyed helping out at my work (Abigail's Lifestyle in Ingatestone) at the launch night we had for True Being - the lovely body range from True Grace (I've rambled on about their candles previously). 

A local lady called Hannah - for anybody local her business is Hannah's Beauty Room - came and did hand massages with the products and it's made me want a hand massage every week (that would be the life); I will certainly try to pop along to her over the summer as she's so lovely and her prices are pretty impressive!
Finally, my friend Jordanne turned 18 last week and she threw the most wonderful "Cocktail" themed party, so I was over the moon when my Motel Rocks dress arrived that day (it was a bargain at only £10 in their online sample sale!). It was also lovely to see people I hadn't seen for ages as a lot of the attendees were friends from primary school and it was the perfect revision break; although of course, my friend Euan took the theme quite literally as he turned up donning cocktail umbrellas, sparklers and a lot of neon!

As we move into June and hopefully the more summery weather - I'm not convinced - I'm getting more and more excited about the next few months! With only 2 weeks until the end of exams, words cannot describe how much I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxation and a lot of new experiences... sorry for the photo-heavy, rambly post! I really enjoyed writing this so let me know what you thought and you never know, this may become a more regular thing... 
Becky xx


  1. I love looking at other peoples images and seeing what people get up too. I love your crayon outfit haha, it so cute! I hope you enjoyed May and I hope that you have an even better June.

    Best wishes, x

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I'm glad you liked it - I'm thinking about doing them more regularly so it's great to hear! Hehe, I loved it too :) x


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