May Favourites

Pinch Punch first day of the month (wait, is it bad luck to do that after midday?!)... I know I say this almost every month, but I cannot believe that it's the June already! May was a month of discovering new products and outfits, so I thought I'd let you know what I've been loving over this past month...

Topshop Colour Correcting Primer
I won't ramble on about this too much, but seriously a lovely product. It makes covering blemishes and red patches a lot easier whilst I do find that it prolongs the wear of my make up; the consistency is also guilt-free (I don't feel like I'm blocking up my pores when I apply it) and feels just like a moisturiser! See my full review of it here for even more praise!
This is the most perfect lip colour for this time of year; not quite an orange-red but getting more towards that kind of shade on the spectrum, it's unlike a colour I've come across. The fact is matte makes it have some of the best lasting power, but it doesn't feel drying at all - a definite recommendation! See it in action here...

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
This stuff is insanely good for bottom lashes. It doesn't smudge, it's long wearing and gives great definition without going clumpy or making my lashes resemble spiders. It's also great for days when you want to put some mascara on without being too in your face; I have been reaching for this plenty of days for that "yes I have slightly tried to look presentable" look!
A new favourite for under eyes; it's coverage is just enough to cover any dark circles (when I need a little more coverage I layer this over the top of a tiny amount of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer), whilst it's yellow-toned shade makes it perfect for highlighting and brightening up the area. I used it in my Marilyn Monroe Make Up tutorial as it's perfect for adding definition to your face, whilst at only £2 it certainly doesn't break the bank!

Darphin Moisturiser Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream
A hydrating cream that I've been forcing myself to put on at night (although I have tried it out in the morning and it wasn't greasy at all!). The texture is almost mousse like and I love it; it sinks in quickly, has helped me from breaking out and my skin feels soft and loved... what more could you want from a moisturiser? I have to admit though, I'm not sure I'll be able to afford the £65 price tag any time soon!

This has been on my wish list for ages and I finally got round to buying it last week... I think it's so pretty and dainty, but has just enough colour to catch your  eye; a lot of people have complimented me on it and I've owned it less than a week! For the price, the quality is amazing (you've probably seen me babble on about EB in the past!) and this necklace certainly is no different!

H&M Fringed Suede Jacket
Possibly my favourite thing I've bought in a while; it's fringed, grey suede and just so comfy! It makes for a great alternative for my leather jacket (which I must admit I wear far too often) and is perfect for the summer... I rambled on about it more in this post, but I just had to feature it here purely because I may well be in love with it!

Next Coral Heart Print Dress
I wore this beauty to a school leaving reception and I got so many compliments. It's super flattering, comes in a petite size so fits my torso length perfectly and just looks so pretty and summery! I just know I'm going to be wearing this a lot more over the next few months and it's the perfect day to night dress; it even looks great with my fringed jacket! 
Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go Smoothie Maker (SB056)
Oh my word, this is my new obsession; a good luck present from my Mum for my exams. I love to make myself a smoothie in the mornings and I find that often it can last me until lunch; something that is relatively rare as I often snack if I have cereal or toast! I'm not quite a fan of kale just yet, but I add spinach to almost anything I make (you can't taste it, and I always need the iron). My favourite thing about it? It's so quick and easy that I've been non-stop experimenting with different combinations below is banana, raspberry, mango and a little bit of water. For the price, I would totally getting your hands on one of these over a nutria-bullet any day!

May was a month of change for me (and a little bit of stress!) and I know that for me, it was one of the loveliest months I've had this year! What are your May favourites? Have a great week!
Becky xx


  1. I love the Lord & Berry lip crayons too!

    1. It's one of my go to colours at the moment - they're great :) x


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