Lookbook: Summer Haul 2015

A week to go until I'm off gallivanting the U.S.A and I couldn't be more excited (also my last exam is tomorrow, which is definitely making me one happy human!) and so I thought I'd show you what I've been purchasing over the past month or so in preparation for the (hopefully) warm weather! I thought it would be fun to show you as an almost 'lookbook' style so let me know what you think of it...

I have been saving up for a while so haven't gone too crazy (in Becky terms that means waiting for things in the sale or only buying half the things I actually want!), but inevitably there are a fair new things in my wardrobe... having done my New Look Wishlist post a couple of weeks ago, there was unsurprisingly an order made so there's a fair bit featured from them too! 
Let me know which 'outfit' was your favourite, I think mine is the second one FYI! I'm sorry so much of this is monochrome; I have a feeling that's what a lot of my clothes are going to be this summer with a much bigger focus on accessories and colourful make up! Have a great weekend...
Becky xx

Scroll Down for some fun out takes because I'm so generous :P


  1. Everything looks gorgeous on you. I love the flower headband also!



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