Prime Time: Topshop Colour Correcting Primer

I've had a make up wish list the length of my arm for a while now, yet I've only been spending money on clothes recently (no doubt a few posts will come in due course!); however the other day I was in town and thought I'd pop in to Topshop. Having needed a new primer for a while - my Maybelline Baby Skin has just run out - I thought I would have a look at their beauty stand, and the Topshop Colour Correcting Primer just caught my eye. 

I didn't want another silicone feel primer, purely because I felt guilty that it was blocking my pores every time I put it on, so when I tried this on the back of my hand, I was pretty much instantly sold. An almost moisturiser-like texture, this bad boy is a winner for me when it comes to texture; once applied to the skin, you can really tell it's smoothed everything out without feeling too sticky and wet as some creamy primers can. 

Warning: the next sentence may seem a little strange! The smell of this product is just insane. I don't often buy beauty products for the smell, but when deliberating between this and the Topshop Airbrush Primer, it was the Aloe Vera scent of this that won me over (oh, and the fact that the latter contains light reflecting particles - I didn't want to risk looking like a vampire in the sun!). The primer makes me feel a lot less guilty about slathering it over my face, especially when I'm in a rush and haven't moisturised before hand, as in it are things such as Aloe Vera and other anti-inflammatory ingredients; I think that's what sets it aside from other drugstore priced Primers.

I can also safely say that thanks to these anti-inflammatory ingredients and the green-tint that the product has, it's pretty effective at reducing redness; it's particularly great for blemishes so my concealer seems to work a whole lot better! 

I also struggle with large pores - my skin's got more and more oily, so annoyingly they've become increasingly prominent! This however does a great job at masking them whilst still ensuring my foundation is easy to blend and work into the skin; another bonus to this product! I don't always like to set my foundation following application but as my face just seems to eat my make up at the moment, that isn't always possible; with this though I felt like I didn't have to powder (thanks to the powder contained within this product) or at the minimum I only had to set my T-zone and under eye areas! 

As always, it's difficult to measure how effective a primer really is at ensuring longer wearing make up; however I do still think that this ensures a good base for my foundation/concealer as it smoothes it all out and corrects colour pigmentation... There's nothing wrong with putting a barrier between my skin and the make up as well - I do definitely think that may help stop foundation creases, too!

At £12 (or £10.80 if you have student discount like I do), it's not the cheapest priming product out there on the high street, but for what seems like an extremely luxurious and effective product, there's no doubt this will come out every time I need a flawless, long lasting base. I hope you have a great week...
Becky xx


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