Marilyn Monroe: Medium Length Hair Tutorial

Today has been a little strange as I finished school forever yesterday, however because of that the past week has been a lot of fun; a tradition within my school is to have dress up week, which for us began last Thursday. Last Friday's theme was "What we wanted to be when we grew up" (as I mentioned in this post here) and of course, I wanted to be Marilyn Monroe and had an absolute ball dressing up as her! 

I scoured the inter web for hair and make up tutorials the entirety of last week - it was often my bed time viewing - and I have to admit I was so pleased with my final results, so I thought I'd show you how I got to my final look, especially as it went down so well when I uploaded the picture below onto Instagram! I was originally going to do the make up and hair all in one post, but it got so waffly that I've split it into two; I bet the suspense is killing you! Never fear though - the next part should be up next week...

Having watched enough videos, I decided to try out a technique that meant I didn't have to go and invest in a set rollers but still had enough hold to last the day; this meant though that I had to do it the night before... although that did mean I didn't have to wake up ridiculously early on the Friday to curl and set my hair etc. Of course if you were using this for a party you could do this in the morning and leave it up during the day (if possible), but that also means you don't have to pin the curls flat to your head, like I had to do in order to sleep comfortably on it.

You Will Need:
Hairbrush (mine is a new Lulu Guiness Tangle Teezer which I just couldn't resist when I saw it on Feelunique here the other day!)
Bobby Pins or Crocodile Clips (lots!)
Curling iron/wand (mine is the Tresemme wand - similar here -and I love it!)

Step 1
Part your hair deeply to the side - if you're going to be true to Marilyn make sure it's to the left of your face. Brush out about one inch sections at a time - I started at the front with the section that was in line with my ears.
Step 2
Curl your hair, making sure to keep the hair flat to the wand (this would be easier with an curling iron!) as Marilyn had very sleek, not too messy hair the majority of the time. You must ensure for the bits at the side that you curl towards the face, whilst when I did the back I curled in towards my scalp.

Step 3
Once curled, make sure you catch the "sausage" of the curl before it collapses - I found the best way to do that was to remove the wand and replace it with my fingers and thumb.

Step 4
Turn the curl 90 degrees, ensuring that it remains tight to the head (you may have to fiddle around a bit and wind it up a bit). Pin the curl in place using bobby pins or crocodile clips - I think crocodile clips are a little securer so you wouldn't need as many, although I'm not sure they'd be as comfortable to sleep on!
Step 5
Repeat until your entire head is done. Wait 10-15 minutes and spritz with hairspray once everything is cool and you're done for the night! Make sure that everything is secure, adding a couple of bobby pins randomly to increase the hold.

Step 6
In the morning take out all of the bobby pins, brush through lightly with your brush to break up the curls and to give the more sleek finish that Marilyn had. Add a little volume to the roots by back combing, particularly at the front to ensure that you get a "cowlick" - if you find it's not quite perfect, redo the 'fringe' part by rolling it towards your forehead (so more forward) to give a little more volume and less of a normal curl. Hairspray again for good measure and you're all set.

Obviously it would look a lot more Marilyn-esqe if I had peroxide blonde and shorter locks, however I think this is a seriously effective way of creating long-holding bouncy curls that I may consider doing this more often! FYI, a couple of YouTube clips I found helpful were here and here... I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Becky xx

*apologies for the photos, it wasn't very easy to photograph these, so I hope the above YT links help you envisage what I mean!*


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