Marilyn Monroe: Make Up Tutorial

As promised in my last post, here's a little insight into how I did my Marilyn-inspired make up to go hand in hand with the hair tutorial! I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as one of the people that most inspires me, and getting to experiment with my make up so that I could look like her was incredibly enjoyable (sad, but true!)... whilst it's not something I'd wear often - you put A LOT of product on - I will definitely take some features of the look and re use them! 

I watched several videos regarding this, a lot of whom seemed to know a lot about Marilyn and her make up artist, and thus the tricks that they used; what's even better is that the look is easily done without having to go out and buy a whole new bag of make up - even better for a stingy person like me!

Prepare to be astounded as to how many products I will mention in this section; there was a huge amount going on in order to achieve the flawless, structured and flattering shape that Marilyn Monroe had! 
Having applied my Topshop CC primer (one of the best products I own currently - see a more in depth review here), I then took my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush and applied my Barry M Flawless Matte foundation  - it's the lightest one I own and contains no SPF - to the entirety of my face, not worrying too much about blending it in. Using my damp Nanshy Marvel 4-in-1 Blending Sponge (see a review here), I then buffed the foundation into the skin by bouncing the sponge over the top until blended; this is my latest way of applying foundation and I'm loving it as it actually gives a more natural finish to my foundation but maintains a lot of coverage.

I then covered any blemishes using my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair and applied my MakeUp Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer in Fair under my eyes; this does an amazing job at highlighting and concealer under the eyes, especially due to it's yellow tone and lightweight consistency! 

In order to get Marilyn's amazing facial structure, I contoured along my cheek bones, round the outside of my face, jaw and temples using my beloved e.l.f. Cool Bronzer compact - I did this in light layers using my Real Techniques Contour brush to ensure I achieved a relatively natural look (drag queen wasn't what I was going for!) but still getting the all important definition she had. I then just tidied up where I thought I'd taken it down too far with a little more foundation and then applied my Rimmel Blush in Live Pink to my cheeks and slightly across my nose using the e.l.f Blush brush. Using the white highlighter in the e.l.f compact I then highlighted the tops of my cheekbones slightly; whilst I don't often think much of this highlighter for everyday, I didn't want to add any more warmth to my skin so a white or pink based highlighter works best here!

I saved powdering my skin until after I'd done my eyeshadow so I could sweep away any fall out, but I can't not apply any! I only applied my Rimmel Stay Matte powder to places that hadn't been contoured; across my forehead, under my eyes and below my cheeks in order to add some staying power and make the definition even greater. My MakeUp Revolution Stippling brush is one of my favourites for powdering, purely because it doesn't make my base make up look cakey or OTT!

The eyes are possibly the easiest part of this whole tutorial, purely because they're relatively simple, and there's no smokey eye in sight!
I started off by applying my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to my lid and blending it out with my fingers; as Marilyn often wore a simple eyeshadow look, I thought this would make the lighter colours stand out a little more! I then applied the lightest shimmer in my L'oreal La Palette Nude in Rose over the top, and then took the matte brown shade (4th from the left) and blended that into the crease to add some definition using my MakeUp Revolution Blending brush; I focused this a little more in the outer corner just to balance out my eyes and used a fluffy brush to fully blend it all out. 

Having lined the top lash line with a thin layer of black eyeliner (I used the L'oreal Superliner) with the tiniest of flicks at the outer corner just to lift the eyes, I put a thin coat of mascara onto my lashes and then applied my Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter corner lashes; I found these to be the most perfect way of ensuring I had Marilyn Monroe worthy eyelashes without looking too much! Marilyn also put a small line of brown eyeshadow that was almost perpendicular to her winged eye liner, as it made her lashes seem even more luscious by creating a shadow effect - I have to admit I thought this was going to look extremely obvious, but it didn't as long as you keep the line to a reasonable length!

I lined my lower lash line with the Rimmel Scandal'eyes Nude Kohl eyeliner pencil to brighten and cover any redness I had (I was in the middle of a load of exams at the time, so this step wasn't to be missed!) and then did my brows using the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel and setting them with my Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Dark; for me this duo is my go to atm - I'm loving how the pencil lightens my brows a little now that I've got some blonde back in my hair!

This look made me realise just how many red lipsticks and lip products I own, but they all came in handy for this as Marilyn had an almost ombre look to her lips to ensure they always looked plump and glamourous! 
I lined the entirety of my lips using a lip brush and my Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in 107 (a berry red shade) as it was the darkest red I had and has amazing staying power! I then applied it in an almost ring around my lips, making sure to only fill in the outer half and leaving the inner half, as this is where you then apply your lighter red (I used my Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Military Red for this - it doesn't matter that they're all different finishes at this point!). Finally at the very centre I applied some of my Lord&Berry 20100 Lip Crayon in Kiss to act as a highlight and then before applying my Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang for the glossy finish, I made sure to blot and reapply if necessary to ensure I got a bold colour!

The finishing touch was adding the mole that sat just to the left of Marilyn's nose on her smile line; originally I used a black eye liner pencil but I found that this smudged and rubbed off, so instead I just used the end of my Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara and dabbed in on!

I apologise for such a rambly post; as you probably can tell I may have researched this a fair amount and had so much fun doing it! I hope this helps anyone who needed some Marilyn inspiration or that you can use any of the tips that Marilyn used in your everyday life (I loved the red lip that I created for this and so I'll no doubt be wearing that a lot more!)... I hope you've had a great bank holiday and have a good week!
Becky xx


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