Advice To My Younger Self

It's coming up to the time of year when I get a little sentimental - I mean, I'm leaving school in under 2 weeks! Looking back, there is a lot I would tell myself when I started secondary school nearly 7 years ago, not only to make my life easier but to open my eyes to what things that could have happened earlier, so I thought I'd share them with you! (Also sorry this is a bit later than anticipated - life has been a little hectic at the moment!)...

Dear 11 Year Old Becky,

The first thing I'd like to tell you is to not stress. Stay positive. You're a notorious 'half empty' kinda girl - try to make it half full ( or even completely full!) and enjoy everything life has to throw at you!

Secondly, take every opportunity that comes your way - don't worry about what people might think, because you gain something from everything you do and there are so many opportunities that you are given, so take them!

You're going to have to learn to find your voice at some point; why not sooner rather than later? Stand up and make your voice heard. Put your hand up more in lessons, share your opinions more - it doesn't matter if you get the answer wrong (everyone does!) and it doesn't matter if there are people that disagree with you (that's just human nature!).

You've got to realise that you can't please everyone. You're going to drift away from friendships... And that's okay. You've got to put yourself before others sometimes; that doesn't make you selfish, it just makes sure that you're looking out for yourself as well as others. Find people that make you happy and distant yourself from those that spread negativity - life's too short for that kind of bulls**t!

Don't let everyone else's thoughts about you dictate your life. Live for you! You only have one bash at this, so just do it for yourself and don't let the idea that people will judge and bitch about you put you off. If they do, they have far too much time on their hands and really should get a life! Do things that make you happy - it won't only make your life easier, you'll be far more true to yourself and therefore a much nicer person to be around.

Live in the present. Looking in the past can be helpful - finding where you've made mistakes and learning what you'd do differently next time is important, but don't let it drag you down and stop you from making big decisions! The past is in the past - try to live by the idea of no regrets, it'll make you do a lot more things and challenge yourself a lot more!

Finally I'd just like to say, appreciate everything you have right now - life may not seem easy and the thought of getting older may scare you, but really you've just got to take everything in your stride. Things happen for a reason - I really do believe in fate - and every good thing will become something great, and every bad thing will only make you stronger!

I'm very jealous of you right now - and I hope that when my next 'clean slate' arrives in September I will do my future self proud, as you have done for me - trust me, you do well over the next 7 years!

You'll grow up into a woman who has a loving family, a brilliant friendship group and excellent support network surrounding you. You try to be kind and loving, and you should continue to develop your bubbly, crazy, weird, opinionated, diplomatic, confident self... Most importantly just be undeniably you - don't ever forget that! 

Good luck with it all, I know you'll do brilliantly! 

Love from,
Your 18 year old self xx


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