5 Women Who Inspire Me

As it's coming up to the end of school (I finish NEXT WEDNESDAY - I cannot wait!!), it's a tradition that we all dress up each day as something different; tomorrow's theme? What I wanted to grow up to be when I was younger, so I'm going to don the red lip, beauty mark and white lip and recreate (the best to my ability) a Marilyn Monroe outfit. Thinking about this actually sparked something in my brain about who else I found inspirational and who I now look up to, so I thought I'd just type them out and make a post out of it!

She always has been, and always will be, one of my biggest idols. Seen as the one of the most glamorous, fashionable people at the time, I just can't help look to her outfits and make up looks for style inspiration. Her body shape was surprisingly similar to how mine is now, so who better to take fashion advice from?! She also was one of the reasons I fell in love with make up and, not to sound too cliche, but almost gave me the confidence to start wearing more bold and daring looks. It's safe to say I look up to her, and whilst her story is filled with tragedy I think there is a lot about her that is extremely positive... why not have that and a touch of glamour at the same time?!

What hasn't this woman done?! Having almost grown up with her as a role model, so many of her quotes that you see flying around tumblr have always spurred me on to better myself and gain confidence. She always looks flawless, but not only that, she always acts so flawlessly, too! Her #heforshe campaign is genius, and something I am completely passionate about; I love the fact that she's someone with a lot of power that for once isn't just sitting back and relaxing - she's using her influence for good... that's certainly something I've taken a lot of inspiration from!

This woman was first introduced to me by my Grandad, and I think that's part of the reason why I love her so much (random fact of the day: he even got me a signed photo of her!). She's so modest and still takes extreme pride in everything she does; I think for a lot of 'celebrities' it's relatively easy to just fall into a rut, but she's always trying different things and she's never afraid to take risks! She also is one of those people that has an ethereal aura surrounding her; I've been lucky enough to see her three times live and every time she just reminds me of a princess... she's certainly proof for me that you should never give up on your dreams!

ANNA GARDNER (of www.viviannadoesmakeup.com)
This girl seriously is inspiration for all things blog. Whenever I feel as though I'm not in a writing mood I know I can turn to her site for wit, conciseness (something I haven't mastered quite yet!), eloquence, a wealth of knowledge but all in all a good relax and procrastination session. Her writing is just so creative and since discovering Anna on YT and then becoming an almost religious reader of her blog, I think that my content has improved drastically too, and I thank her for that! 
Now Eve is a recent discovery of mine - not entirely sure how I did find out about her (classic Becky) - however having watched her TED talk I seriously need to buy her book: "I am an emotional creature" - link is here, if you're interested! She is a feminist - I think everyone should be campaigning for equality, despite the connotations the word now has - but she also is extremely empowering, hilarious, crazy, witty and just inspiring! I'm a very emotional person (sometimes too emotional!), but her TED talk made me realise how that isn't always a bad thing and in that period of time was possibly the most appropriate thing for me to watch... She's also started "One Billion Rising" which is a global campaign against sexual violence, rape and other awful things against women! 

Who are your inspirations (besides your mum, nan etc. of course) as I'd love to discover some new empowering and inspirational women... I hope you have great weekend!
Becky xx

*none of the above pictures belong to me*


  1. What a lovely idea for a blog post. It's so lovely hearing about those who do inspire you as I'm sure lots of people haven't heard of a few of these. This was a truly great idea and I hope that others become inspired by this too.

    Shannon / Sixth Skyline x

    1. Thank you Shannon! I'm glad you liked it - I always love finding out about a new inspirational person, too! Xx


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