Cinderella (2015) Review: Magical or Mundane?

If in the past 24 hours or so you have seen my - what I can only describe as - obsessing over the new Cinderella release, you may have expected this post - and for good reason, because it's a wonderful array of beauty, romance and humour. 

Being the fashion lover that I am, I was excited to see the costumes as they've had a lot of coverage (they were probably the only thing I'd heard about the film!) and I wasn't disappointed. I took every ball gown, skirt, hat and jacket in and loved them all - although naturally the ugly stepsisters outfit were pretty horrific, but in a good way! Of course the Cinderella gown was splendid, from the choice of fabric to the details with glitter and embellishments galore; the dress fitted Lily James perfectly and the dancing scene made me fall ever more in love with it! It wasn't the only beautiful dress though, the fairy Godmothers dress was marvellous, too and Helena Bonham-Carter pulled it off amazingly, whilst the wedding dress was also very pretty, but for me it was a bit of a let down! 

Cate Blanchett made an excellent villain and definitely has won the 'most envious lips award', whilst Helena Bonham-Carter totally rocked it as the fairy godmother; so much so we were all left wanting a little more of her extravagant ball gown and platinum blonde wig (she should consider the colour as a more permanent feature - she looked amazing!). Despite not recognising the two leads at all, I can see why my friends - who are avid Game of Thrones viewers- wanted to see it so desperately; Richard Madden is completely swoon worthy and makes a wonderful Prince Charming, whilst Lily James made me fall in love with her instantly! I have serious brow jealousy, she made the dresses look even more stunning and her voice was just perfect for the role - the Disney obsessive that lives inside of me was satisfied with the cast choices, that's for sure!

Just as you start getting a little less excited about the storyline (it is rather predictable - who doesn't know the story of Cinderella?!) they went and chucked in more a more dramatic scene. The one that springs to mind is when Cinderella is fleeing the ball; the music, filmography and setting made it one of the best scenes for me! 
If you hadn't already guessed, I'm a girl who loves a good chick flick - something that you don't have to give too much brain power to, with just a hint of romance and comedy, and whilst this was a little more dramatic than your standard Rom-Com, there was enough romantic dialogue to make me and a couple of friends fall more and more in love with the idea of being Cinderella. Disney just know how to work their way into a gushy teenage girl's heart, however it didn't overshadow the film and left us with a satisfied feeling - for any of you romantics, this is a definite must see!

For me, it wasn't your standard Hollywood film (although there is enough glitter and glamour for it to be), purely because there are a lot of subtle hints to other films such as Harry Potter, but also a slight homage to a Pantomime, and I think that is always a good thing! Rob Brydon has a cameo and livens the mood with his humour, whilst there are enough one-liners that made the whole audience stifle a laugh that any parent being dragged along should enjoy it enough...

In answer to the title question; this film is in no manner mundane, and I certainly think there is something for everyone and it's definitely worth a cinema visit or DVD purchase! Full of excellent messages, humour, great dresses and just a little bit of magic, this one of my must sees - in fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again! I hope you have a lovely weekend...

Becky xx

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